Why I Became His Side Chick

hands with ringsWe had been dating for years. Things were great and we both decided it was time to take it to the next level. He went his way and I went mine. He said his “I Do’s” and I shared my vows in front of an entire congregation. It wasn't long before we were back to dating. I found him to be completely irresistible and he couldn't keep his hands off of me. When we decided to hook up I knew the rules and I knew my place. I also knew what our limitations would be. His lifestyle was already demanding so the time that we did spend twogether meant so much to me.

I can remember coming home and taking a nap so that I could be awake and ready when he was available to see me. It seems strange that a woman would go through all of that just to spend time with a man, but this was our routine and it worked for us. Every moment that he or I could get away was well spent. We kept things exciting, incognito even. Our business was our business. He appreciated my spontaneity and I relished in the fact that he always returned home to take care of home because he said that home was where his heart is.

Who wouldn't fall for a man like that! He was everything that I wanted and needed in a man and he often told me that I was everything that he wanted and needed in a woman. After all, I was the lady in the street and the proverbially freak in the sheets. We have conversations, I don’t nag him and when we have conflict, we discuss ways to resolve our issues. Yes I have access to his accounts and he has access to mine. After all we’re in love. Is everything perfect? No. Do I have to take a back seat sometimes to family and work? Yes, but again, I understood my role in his life some time ago. I knew that there would be times that I’d be the side chick. I don’t mind that one bit! 

Why you may ask? Because I’m his wife, his main chick, his side chick and the I have his back chick.We made a grown up decision and that is us making love better twogether by any means necessary! Do we both know that the grass may be greener on the other side  YES! Absolutely! What we've decided to do is worry about our grass. Doing the work necessary to cultivate, nourish and enrich our grass and if we want to plant some wild flowers every now and again then we’ll do just that! For those who say that relationships have exhausted their possibilities aren't thinking big enough when it comes to the possibilities. So for all of you side chicks please take heed… You only have one side! The wife has the side that’s attached to the bank accounts, the deed, the insurance policies, the pension, the 401K and the retirement plan.

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