31 Days of Selfishly Loving Me, Myself and I

31DayLoveChallenge YanniBrownToday I cried, I cried as if there was something that had been bottled up in my spirit for quite some time. During my ugly cry I couldn’t quite put my finger on why or what I was purging. Later this morning IT hit me. It was acceptance. It was me, Yolanda “Yanni” Brown accepting where I am, right here! Right now! The me, that I am in this very moment of acceptance. The purge allowed me to understand that I don’t have to like where I am or be comfortable where I am but I do have to put on my big girl panties and accept it.

With that came the acknowledgement that acceptance for me means that I can no longer do it for someone else. This is all about ME, MYSELF and I.  I may have lost what I thought were friendships, my red carpet card, a few key contacts, some prepositions and propositions along the way but today I ACCEPT THAT because in the purge of it all I’ve realized that there are some things beyond our control and while we may feel a certain kinda way in the process those things are not personal. They happen to us and through us to teach us some awesome things about ourselves but we have to accept what is in order to move onward with what is to be because what was…WAS Maybe it was a lesson or a blessing but it came into my life to share something with me that I didn’t know about me to make me stronger for what is to come. In my opinion God has a funny (not a time that it’s happening) sense of humor!

An excerpt from “Making Love Better Begins Within” says
“Who I am is deeply rooted in who I was and intertwined in who I will become!” ACCEPTANCE!

It is said that there are five stages of acceptance. I believe that they are random and not in any order but here are the ones that I experienced

Denial – This isn’t happening to me! Not me.. I’m refusing to accept what is because (you fill in the blank)
Depression- These can be feelings of sadness, regret, uncertainty and or maybe fear. The emotions can range from day to day or they can all happen within the day.

Anger- Why me? I can’t believe that this is happening to me or this always happen to me. Anger has a way of manifesting in many different ways. Anger shows up deteriorating at our true purpose because it blinds us of our passion and true calling. Anger shows us that the cup is half empty rather than see the cup as half full. Anger creates the eventbrite list for the pity party.

Bargaining- I promise I’ll do, be… If only this didn’t happen I would have… This is when we seek out ways to bargain the reasons as to why we feel the way that we feel or do what we do. We’re hoping that someone will see our side or take our side.

Acceptance- Is the act of accepting something or someone. Another way I like to say it is OWNING YOUR SHIFT! You may not be happy, comfortable or compliant but you have to accept where you are before you can understand and appreciate where you are going. This opens the doors and windows and TODAY I am saying “WHAT’S NEXT!” I’m ready!

What’s next is 31 Days of Selfishly Loving Me, Myself and I This month I’ve partnered with Making Love Better Begins Within and I’m challenging women everyone to spend 31 days honoring, loving and selfishly celebrating “Me, Myself and I.” Please join us here at MeMyselfandI. All we ask you to do is to tell us via pictures, motivational quotes, short videos and short testimonials of how are you selfishly loving you!

Reference: Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004), On Death & Dying, 1969. Interpretation by Alan Chapman 2008

Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked"What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation
"Absolutely Everything."


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