Access Granted...

 Lately I've been reflecting on where I was, how far I've come and where I'm going. Katie Brown says that it's good to do that every now and again. She says that it keeps you rooted in gratefulness. Adding that in order to accept and appreciate where you are that you absolutely must accept and appreciate where you have been.

Which brings me to today's blog! My frustration with the last couple of years of my life has been no secret. I've blogged about and have spoken about it in groups of my peers.

Today I'd like to share with you how grateful I am. You see we get so caught up in our mess that we miss the message. We make assumptions about ourselves and others then take so much for granted simply out of frustration or things not going according to our plans. BUT GOD! Is what I'm learning to say. Understanding and knowing that He is in it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. Waiting to see just how well we handle the access or lack thereof that we've been granted. We are granted the wonderful opportunity to discover who we are and who's we are in our pits and valleys call the journey. We take the journey; along with people, places & things, for granted. Not realizing that there is a lesson to be learned in it all; A lesson to be learned for ourselves and or to be shared with someone else.

I've been honored to be a part of the six brown chicks. Lesson learned, lesson shared. I've been blessed with a job that is not a good fit for me. Lesson learned, lesson kept. I’ve been blessed to share my gifts of Making Love Better TwoGether with the world. Lessons learned, lessons shared and more to come. All of the many beautiful, awesome, unpleasant, uncomfortable, life threatening, forever evolving things that have occurred in my life has taught me along this expedition and brought me to this very thought....

With all of the people, places, things beautiful and not so beautiful that we've been granted access to and with, how have we taken them for granted? And in and on this gorgeous day how are we grateful for them?


Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked"What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."



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