You Are Beautiful!

You are BEAUTIFUL! Let me say it again…

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Just the way you are!
There comes a time and a place where we must stop letting society, social media, magazines and other things, define what is inevitable! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Flaws and all you are princesses and queens and we must understand that everyone is NOT welcomed into your Queendom! No you may not look as you think you should, be shaped how you think that you should; but your looks, shape, skin tone and qualities that you were gifted with, has purpose. Please don’t let anyone ever tell you different!
For a moment, just a moment see yourself as God see’s you BEAUTIFUL! He made you imperfectly perfect just for him to share with the world! WE are NOT defined by our lips, hips, dips, curves, hair and the way that we are able to jerk, twerk and werk’. Those are things that will surely go…with the help of gravity!

DEFINE, RE-DEFINE or FIND your character, the one that is specifically tailor made just for you and allow your compass of authenticity and love of self to guide you! What you do today ‘for the vine’, you will surely pay for tomorrow and possibly a lifetime. So before you make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions, remember you still have some living to do! What’s cute today may not look so cute in 10 or 20 years. How you treat your body today will surely have an effect on how it looks in 10 to 20.  You are worth more than the weight of your shower rod! You are golden. BE the kind of woman that’s worth her weight in gold; A commodity that’s hard to get and even harder to hold. So I wanted to tell every woman that I know, YOU are worth the wait! You are worth falling in love with you first! You are worth your hopes and dreams. You are worth your innocence. You are worth your love! You are worth his love! You are worth the ring. You are worth the prize.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Flaws and all!

What Do You Love About You?

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