5 Ways to Awaken Your Passion

Live Your Life

Passionately on…  Purpose!

I woke up this morning deep in thought, but before I let me feet hit the floor I said a prayer and then told myself that “Today is a beautiful day to BOLDLY Pursue Your Passion on Purpose!” My name is Yanni Brown and I’m a relationship educator, blogger and speaker. I love what I do! I try to find inspiration in anything and everything, especially with a really good cup of coffee.   I get to wake up each day and inspire others by sharing my story. The most liberating thing I’ve experienced to date is being able to authentically be me, myself and I. In doing so I am able to share my stories, the good, bad and ugly. For many years I felt that it wasn’t necessary to boast about who I am or what I do and twenty plus years later I still don’t. “I AM” speaks for itself.

It’s easy to say why me? or blame the cousins ifa, coulda, woulda and shoulda for what I did or didn’t get or maybe even what I thought I deserved. Thankfully I have an amazing father who doesn’t mind checking me and knows that my head is hard. He’s given me a great group of friends who will also quickly snap me back into reality! “I AM” exactly who I think that I am! I am enough! I am love. Between, Katie Brown, my amazing father and an awesome group of friends, well they remind me that “I AM”. Not a conceited statement but a true statement. I’ve worked extremely hard to get right here! We often down play our journey, success, accomplishments and dim our light for the sake of others and not willing to risk sounding conceited.  So what am I saying? BE BOLD, BE PASSIONATE, BE ALIVE, BE BEAUTIFUL whatever it is that you are passionate about, wake up with and carry it with you as you embrace the  inspiration needed to get you through the day!

Here are few things that get me going. You are more than welcome to add some of your own.

  • Spend a moment with me! Each morning spend time in prayer/meditation before I begin my day, starting my day with a clear mind and spirit.
  • Your Circle! Who’s in your circle? As I mentioned before I have an amazing circle of friends. Those who keep me rooted and grounded. They uplift, encourage and inspire. They are over protective when needed and will be that shoulder to cry on too. I love the fact that I can be at my best and at my worst with my friends. They allow me to have my moment, but trust me; they won’t let me stay there!
  • Have an attitude of gratitude by sharing with myself something that I’m grateful for each day. Starting with something as simple as life! Someone didn’t wake up this morning.
  • What Do I Want? Ask myself regularly, what do I want for me, from me and to give to me? I’ll ask even when I don’t have all of the answers. So often we forget about us and what we need because we are so busy taking care of others.
  • Pursue Your Passion on Purpose! We all have a gift. Some have two or three. Our gifts are not our own. They are truly there to be shared with others. We are the authors of our gifts. They must be planted, nurtured, cultivated and shared. Too many of us hold our gifts hostage out of fear… Fear that we won’t succeed, fear that others will steal them. Fear that we are not good enough. Whatever your reasoning is I’m here to let you know that your life has purpose. You were uniquely created to share a part of you with us. Yes you have to fight for it! Fight with it, fight through it to get to it, but the fight is so worth it!

What are you Passionate about? Are you pursuing your own passion or someone else's?

"Each day Awaken your Purpose with a cup full of Passion, Sweetened with Love & Creamed with your Dreams.” ~ yannibrown



Yanni Brown, a ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked"What's Love Got to Do With It" I'd answer without hesitation "Absolutely Everything."




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