Mind Your Own Business...

keep-calm-and-mind-your-own-businessDon’t discount the wisdom of your elders and the advice that they’ve given about Minding Your OWN Business when it comes to relationships. Lately the need to vent, express your feelings and put it all out there has played out in social media with pics, screenshots and emails to match. The problem with that is LOVE has a mind of its own, and while you may feel the need to vent and share in one moment; you may want to forgive and work it out the next. There’s also the friend who’s not really a friend that cannot wait to share your business as they interpret it to be. I love how it’s done in casual conversation as if they are really concerned about your well being. I’m old school when it comes to loving; I always have been. Quite truthfully I think that I always will be! With that being said, I had a conversation with my true confidant, Katie Brown and here’s what we think about minding your own business.

1.       You have enough of your own business to mind without taking up with someone else’s. So become an expert at minding your own, then you won’t have time or a need to mind someone else’s.

2.       Social media is not your close circle of friends. Facebook is not the good book and everything ain’t for everybody to know. The reality is once you put it out there in the internet world IT NEVER GOES AWAY! So before you share it…. Think about your business and how you are about to put it out in the world for millions of people to see. BECAUSE trust me… Your so called friends will share it with their friends and so on and so on and so on.

3.       Talk to your partner about your issues! Your gut generally knows before your nose knows. Sit down and be willing to rock the boat with your mate and have those difficult conversations and more importantly how to resolve them. There’s nothing worse than getting angry, breaking a bunch of dishes only to have to clean it up then go out and buy more.

4.       Walk it out, talk it out and work it out! If there is some business that needs to be tended to in your relationship/marriage don’t leave! That won’t resolve the issue. Instead, talk it out! Work it out! You will get further as a team than you ever will at trying to be the one that is right. “I” will never win when it comes to “WE”.  Ask yourself and your mate “Is IT, US, WE worth it?” Go from there.

5.       Two words that can save your relationship/marriage or at the very least save face… "I’m Sorry!" Fess up when you mess up is something that I learned a long time ago. YOU DID IT! Now BE WILLING to DO whatever it takes to make it right.

6.       Know who you are sharing your time, energy and secrets with… Not everyone is a friend and everything that looks good to you ain’t always good for you! That ear that is sooooooo willing to listen may have a motive of their own! Take it to God then take it to your mate.

7.       Lastly, this bonus one I got from Steve Harvey… “You can’t fix what’s wrong in your relationship/marriage with people, places and things outside of it”

As we become more mature in relationships we should be treating people the way that we want to be treated. However that’s not always the case because some of us are bitter, ugly on the inside, sad and lonely and clearly want to share THAT with the rest of the world. Choose your audience carefully! Not everyone is healthy enough, spiritual enough or just enough to share a front row seat into your life! Remembering that if you are minding your own business you really don’t have the time energy or effort to mind someone else’s.


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