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I had the awesome pleasure of having an Intimate Discussion with Chrishon Lampley. In case you’re wondering who Chrishon Lampley is let me just say that she is the owner of Love Cork Screw.  I love speaking with fellow entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they are doing on their journey! You see behind every success is a journey and on every journey there is indeed a story! Chrishon is no different! She's the former owner of a once popular South Loop Wine Bar called Three Peas Art Lounge. When Three Peas closed in 2012, Chrishon’s fire and passion was re-directed with purpose.

Lampley is an outgoing, straightforward, light up the room, beautiful soul who has taken life’s lessons by the horns and steered them the direction of LOVE CORK SCREW. What started off as a few dates gone wrong, people always asking about wine pairings, different ones sharing their relationship woes and or asking for advice turned into Lampley deciding to write a blog… and LOVE, CORK, SCREW was born!

Lampley has made an effortless transition from bar owner to media personality. Love, Cork, Screw is a lifestyle! It consist of blog, podcast, website, a radio show with currently 8,000 listeners and now a seductively sexy (Intimate Discussions description)brand of wines.

Love is the section that includes the blog, podcast and radio show with her fabulous co-host Isaac Paul.

Cork is the section with the wine varietals.

Screw is the section that features videos, wine pairing suggestions and upcoming events.

Love Cork Screw features a dynamic collection of wine varietals that was unveiled late last year. It’s no secret that Lampley loves wine and Love Cork Screw gives her the opportunity to really be hands on growing the brand and sharing the fun and happiness. Love Cork Screw currently features six varietals, with names that creatively showcases the whimsical styling of the brand itself - "Touch The Sky"(Niagara), "Were Movin On Up"(Cabernet Sauvignon), “In Too Deep” (Brusecco), “Head Over Heels” (Sweet Riesling), “Good Times and Good Friends” (Pinot Grigio) and “Hard Knock Life” (Concord Red) which is what I tried. It was just the right amount of sweet. I had a great time with Chrishon Lampley, discussing palate pleasing wines, the hustle and the grind.


Save the date for the official public launch event on February 12, 2014. In the mean time check out Chrishon Lampley’s full interview here:

Be sure to check out Chrishon Lampley at LoveCorkScrew.Com and watch, like and share the video.

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