Courting, Love Letters and Old School Lovin’

Courting, Love Letters and Old School Lovin’

The art of courting has gone missing. It’s on the back of a milk carton along with chivalry. Yes times have changed, but some things for some people still remain the same. If courting and chivalry is not your thing then this blog isn’t for you. However, if you would like for a gentleman to open your door, bring you flowers, tip his hat and speak when you walk by and or ring your doorbell to pick you up for a date. Things as simple as picking up the phone and actually engage in an exchangeable conversation. How about when a man comes over for dinner, he’ll bring over an occasional bag of groceries or a grocery gift card. If these are the courting rituals that interest you or that you miss then by all means press the like button and or share this blog.


Reality check… Roses are red, violets are blue, when was the last time a love letter was hand written and delivered to you? Over the years we’ve become so connected with our PC’s, laptops, tablets,  smart phones, instant, text and or video messages that we are disconnected to spending uninterrupted quality time with our significant others, lovers, husbands and or wives. When was the last time that you received a hand written letter scented with his or her favorite fragrance? Or maybe sealed with her kiss? Imagine the anticipation she would feel by reading your heartfelt words, poetry or mere mention of sweet nothings that he’d like to whisper in your ear. Picture how you could make his day with a letter encouraging him, complimenting him and letting him know just how much you appreciate him and what he means to you. Don’t believe me. I dare you to try it! Get some stationary and a pen and let your emotions flow and watch what it does.


Once upon a time a man wooed a woman. He caressed her into love by showing her what good love looked like, felt like and sometimes what it smelled like. He pursued her. It was not so much about what he had but more about him willing to share with her what he did have.  That woman made him feel safe enough to share his hopes and dreams. Love was made and then love was made. There are songs reminiscent of old school lovin’. There are couples who have stood the test of REALationships and are showing us what Making Love Better TwoGether is all about every day.


So where did it all go? Who killed it, kidnapped it or is holding it hostage? I’d like to see more of it from all of US. The world could use a little more courting, a few more love letters and a lot of old school lovin’. Don’t believe just look around, so many of us are angry, unhappy, stressed, impatient and unloving to one another.

So who’s with me??? Will the men step up and court us, regardless of our independent actions? Will the women step back and all the men to court us? Who will write more Love Letters? Who’s willing to take back our lovin’? Who’s willing to fear less and LOVE MORE?

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