"One year down. One million more to go"


Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Whitted

Last year this beautiful couple got married. What a beautiful ceremony it was.

Their story is indeed a love story. At least it is to me. I'm a sucker for love and romance.

You see they were separated by six degrees, and met somewhere in between. In the middle they found a connection.

In that connection a courtship was cultivated, cuddled and kissed. The kind that you see play out in the movies, complete with a beautiful tear felt ceremony saying "I Do"

What's so magical about these two is being able to see their love blossom from friendship to love, engaged to married  into the birth of their baby girl "Nia" to now celebrating their first wedding anniversary. It is moments like these that I proudly say that I'm a hopeful romantic because I see that  love  has the ability to caress your spirit. In a time when it is said that WE are no longer interested in tying the knot or falling in love, I am witnessing the beauty of something different. No pretenses, no games just a family that is in love to give love and in return give some more love because that's just what love is.


 "Do you love me? Do you trust me? Will you marry me?" and her answer is yes to all three.

I am honored to know this awesome couple and proud to say Congratulations Sharvin and Angela Marie Whitted HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Keep on  Making Love Better TwoGether.

Continue to let your friendship, love and light be an example to those in search of what real love looks like, feels like and is like.



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