Actions Speak Louder Than Words... NOT!


YannibWe’ve all heard the expression Actions Speak louder than words.  Well for the longest time I agreed. I even defended “Actions” all in the name of LOVE. You couldn’t tell me anything different. If someone loves you they will say it, prove it and show it. It was in one of our "Intimate Discussions" and the question was asked so we took a moment to discuss this “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” theory. It was a real conversation with men and women. I'm talking no holds barred, let’s get to the bottom of this intimate discussion. In the minds of women we could not understand how “HE” could be everything that we want yet none of what we need. In the minds of men they thought how could “SHE” not understand that men need companionship, conversation, sex and a meal shared every now and again.

That conversation was PRICELESS! What I learned is that when someone says “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship” BELIEVE THEM! If a relationship is what you want, then you must be strong enough to walk away, run if you have to. The problem with this theory is that while they may say that they are not ready for a relationship their actions speak a different tone, all twogether! Their actions may say “Good morning love just thinking of you” speaking sweet nothings in your ear, telling you all of the things that you’ve ever wanted to hear. They pull out all of the stops to show you their best representative. Showing you the person that they think that you want to see, wooing you gently and slowly. So their actions are saying “WOW” I’m digging you but in the back of their mind is; “Remember I told you, I’m NOT ready for a relationship”

I’ve personally had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand. I was pulling out all of my good tricks and he wasn’t even my man.  He sampled some of my best desserts, with my permission I must admit, but, because I didn’t take my time or take the time to listen…. I didn’t hear what I had missed.

Now I can hear loud and clear and this is what is being said: “I’m NOT ready for a relationship” Means just that. While, they may wine and dine you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, they may even spend quality time with you.  If they are NOT READY for a relationship there is nothing that you can do. You cannot woo them into submission, or make love to them until they change their minds. You can’t buy your way into their lives it’s only a matter of time. Only time will tell if it’s well spent or well wasted, before reality sets in and in the moment you are faced with. The truth… is still the truth! The truth needs no proof. Either IT is or IT isn't...

Join us tonight for "Intimate Discussions" the live co-ed adult conversation about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. We don't argue, fuss or fight but we have a great time discussing our issues and twogether we are creating resolutions and Making Love Better TwoGether. 1200 W. 35th St, The Spoken Word Lounge (Lower Level) 8pm-11pm $10. Visit for details.

We would love to know what you think, join the conversation and tell us... Does actions speak louder than words?


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