A Woman...


There is something truly amazing about being a woman. I think that as women we sometimes forget that or don’t give ourselves permission to be, do and feel like the women that we are. This blog is dedicated to some awesome women that I know and quite a few that I don’t.

I'm a woman, five foot three, four, five, six or more. I've been broken, dreams shattered, hopes splattered yet still longing for more. I am more than what lies between my thighs. Yet the media, society and rap music says otherwise.
I've been called angry because I've been angry, disappointed and ashamed. I've been passed up, passed on and passed over in my attempts to play this big girl game. I am light skinned, caramel, sun kissed vanilla, mocha and fair somewhere in between, I have long hair, natural hair, short hair, braids, can rock a bald fade and extensions to my spleen.

I'm a woman with self-esteem issues because if we were to discuss the real issues we would all need tissue! I wear my confidence with matching accessories, a coke and a smile, because I am somebody. Because somebody told somebody, who then told me that I am somebody and that I'm' worthwhile! Sometimes I stand in the mirror and tell it to myself! I AM A WOMAN.

I am a woman! Complicated, emotional, chaotic at times, self assured, self questioning, re-assuring, nuturing, loving, giving, wanting, needing and then so much more. I am a woman sometimes defined, undefined, redefined and intertwined with the residue of my past, remnants of my uncomfortable present. A woman is in the process of repairing, reshaping and restructuring my NOW with a comma, that simply states "Who am today is deeply rooted in who I was, but IT does not define or dictate who I will become."

I am a woman, beautiful, perfectly imperfect with flaws and all. I have been created for and with  purpose! As a woman we cannot expect everyone to understand our journey simply because we all may walk and some of us have walked a different path. There are things that a woman will endure that a man will never understand but we ask that you just be patient, supportive and yes hold our hand! Yes we are strong enough for out men but we are women and every now and again we need someone to hold our hand and say EVERYTHING WILL BE OK! We ask that you show up and BE what we need in times when we are unsure of what we want! Allow us to BE! Be vulnerable! Be honest! Be Safe! Be unsure!

WE are worth our weight in gold but we become worthy when we realize our worth! We have the power to affect and influence generations past, present and future with merely our presence. When we show up, we are present with our presence and our essence. I AM A WOMAN!

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