Key Ingredients to Making Love Better TwoGether....

KEY Ingredients to Making Love Better Twogether ?

If you were to ask me “What does love have to do with it?” I would answer without hesitation “Absolutely Everything.” Over the years I have studied relationships and what it takes to make them work. Here are few key ingredients that are important when Making Love Better TwoGether. Please feel free to add to the list and or share it with others.

Honesty, Trust and Respect… Of Self and Others

It is very difficult to be vulnerable, open and honest with our partners if we cannot be sure that they will protect and honor our trust. Any behavior that undermines the trust and honesty in the relationship also undermines the potential success of that same relationship. This is applied to us as individuals as well as in relationships. When we are honest with and respect ourselves we can then be honest with and respect our potential partner.

Effective Communication is the Key

Effective Communication is the key to a strong, healthy relationship. On so many levels, communication allows partners to exchange messages about love and other emotions. Effective communication requires practicing the skills of listening and the expression of thoughts and feelings. It is much more than just talking. Communication consists of verbal messages (what you say), contextual issues (how you say it), emotional tone (why you say it), and even non-verbal cues (what you don't say). It is more than Speaking it is also listening…. Listening should be done with the same intensity as you are speaking.

Quality Time

Falling in love, time seems to last forever…When you love someone or something you don’t mind MAKING the TIME. It is important to make the commitment to things that matter and when they matter time is not an issue! Quality time twogether is a must have in order to have a successful, long lasting relationship. Couples should both make a list of 12 things that they “Like To Do” and exchange their list. Once a month each couple should take turns planning what’s on the other person’s “Like To Do” list. Not only will you enjoy quality time with each other but it will be time spent sharing in what the other person likes to do.


Romantic behavior usually flows freely and comes naturally in the beginning of relationships…Over time those couples who make the effort to continue the ROMANCE are successful in their relationships because they are committed to adding new life to the relationship. We realize that this will take work but remember to add a little spontaneity and spice to you relationship whenever possible to keep the romance fresh and vibrant.

Show Appreciation

Let your partner know on a regular basis that they are appreciated or that you appreciate their efforts. This is important to both men and women. Showing appreciation for your mate says that you acknowledge value and appreciate the things that are done for you and they want to hear…They need to hear it. It serves as an incentive to fuel the connection, the relationship. Find creative ways to express your love and appreciation for your partner. It’s fun and rewarding.

Again, please feel free to add to the list and or share it with others.



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