Love Letters

There is nothing like receiving a hand written, nicely scented love letter from the one that you love. There are so many things in our day to day we take for granted that it leaves room in our relationships for the passion to escape. A love letter allows you to freely express all of the things that you appreciate, value, love and adore about your partner. This expression of your love can be passionate, poetic, seductive, or may even include some instruction. It’s the fact that you are taking the time to make the time to let your partner or spouse know that they matter to you in a way that some would say is becoming extinct.

Writing a love letter is a great time to get creative with your love! It can be a series of text messages throughout the day, a note underneath the pillow, you can slip it in their pocket for them to find later, you can also have it hand delivered with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some sweet treats of your choosing.

What I love about love letters is that it forces you to STOP and BE PRESENT in the moment of your love. To absorb each word by word and line by line. It’s a precious moment that both him and her could and would appreciate receiving. We often take love for granted, assuming that it is known, felt and experienced but nothing says I love you like loving a person the way that they want and need to loved.

Falling in LOVE is easy. Falling in love over and over again with the same person takes work. Making Love Better TwoGether is a job that sometimes require overtime. It’s the little things that provide couples with the tools needed to build a stable foundation. Love letters are the breadcrumbs to love, so why not express yourself?  If you think that I’m kidding just try it and let us know what happens after….





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