Sex and the Conspiracy Theory

Sex and the Conspiracy Theory
I wonder if they faked the destruction of the Death Star








Internet Rehab is certainly about conspiracy theories, since the internet is perhaps the greatest of all conspiracies. Like money, real estate, religion, and government, the World Wide Web has been coopted by greedy Powers and Principalities who have rigged the game of life, enslaved us in yet another Matrix as nothing more than their sacred meal.

But if you can’t laugh at this, then your inner terrorist has already won. Trending now on Twitter is #infowarspickuplines (a take on Alex Jones, arguably the sultan of swinging conspiracy theories today). Not only does the hash tag utilize humor to manage the tornadoes of information and misinformation storming us on the internet at every moment, it also uses the greatest of all coping mechanisms: sex. You might just come to psychic and spiritual liberation with that combination.

I've compiled some of the best tweets, and hopefully these serve as not just a Red Pill but a Red Suppository:

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