The revolution has begun against Google Glass

The revolution has begun against Google Glass
I'll be back, after I check the weather, write a post on Blogger, and watch a clip of The Last Action Hero on YouTube.

My recent article on Google Glass has sparked a firestorm. It was so incendiary that Google erased all of its pageviews, making it look like no one read it!

But as Peter Gabriel sang in “Biko”: “You can blow out a candle but you can't blow out a fire.”

At my winged-heels, both CNET and Gawker have recently come out with their own scathing articles on Google Glass. Even that Mecca of sober journalism, The Daily Mail, has questioned Google’s latest foray into building a new Matrix. The comments range from Google Glass bringing about humanity’s “coming psychological annihilation (CNET),” to turning the “whole world into search giant's spies (Daily Mail),” all the way to predicting they will plunge society into a state of “asshole-ishness (Gawker).”

Ted Turner is already adding Google Glass to all classic movies.

Ted Turner is already adding Google Glass to all classic movies.

Okay, maybe that’s not a range of opinions, more like a gang bitch-slapping in cyberspace, but it certainly means a revolution has just begun. What kind of revolution is this exactly?

(Queue the voice of James Earl Jones)

Simple—a revolution against those who would further dim the vision of humanity by feeding our minds with more digital opium.

A new site, Stop the Cyborgs, has just heroically arrived like a Che Guevara on Red Bull. Its main purpose is to warn society of the Orwellian threat that is Google Glass (and actually some of its benefits, like helping the visually impaired, as well as those with autism and Alzheimer’s). The hipster Jihadists behind this site even offer products to buy, because no rebellion is cool without accessories.


A graphic from Stop the Cyborgs, the villain probably based on Paul Giamatti.

As I said in my article, I expect this peasant revolt to be crushed. The stark reality is that no revolution has ever been that successful: the American Revolution failed to liberate women and minorities; the Bolshevik Revolution failed to liberate the poor; and the Sexual Revolution failed to liberate crabs.

But winning is not the point. Replacing one Dystopian Utopia for another Dystopian Utopia is what usually happens (and getting new permits is always a chore, anyway).

The point is that whatever greatness is found in humanity is because of our stories. We ourselves are made of stories, whether it is the stories of our parents, of inspirational figures, or simply of those small who struggled and learned before us. Maybe human nature will never change, and neither will the world either, but compelling stories must always be created for the benefit of those who choose to embrace exceptional lives. And nothing makes a better story than the good fight against the Goliaths of the era.

Google Glass is coming, attempting to implant the stories of corporate greed, masked as technological salvation, right into our brains.

Let’s give history a more compelling story instead, the story of how the Establishment attempted to blow out the candle of individuality and only got burned by the fire of revolution. By losing we will have paradoxically won, since this story in all its variations will survive long after Goggle is rubble and dust and archived content.

We will not falter…until maybe Google Glass retails under $200…


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