Where is the outrage over the Chicago Public Schools sexual abuse scandal

Where is the outrage over the Chicago Public Schools sexual abuse scandal

One week has passed since the Chicago Tribune published, "Betrayed Chicago schools fail to protect students from sexual assault and abuse leaving lasting damage."

During the course of the week, the Tribune published pieces of the long reportage outlining sexual abuse in scandal-plagued Chicago Public Schools and their failure to notify the proper authorities:

CPS allowed an accused sexual abuser to quietly retire.

Security Guard who was accused of abuse several times was kept in school hallways.

CPS failed to warn a Florida district about an educator under investigation for abuse.

Not one principal or other staff member has been fired from the schools involved. Not one head rolled. Nothing was done to prove CPS takes the allegations of abuse and reporting failures seriously.

The reporting should provoke outrage across this city, as the sexual assaults and abuses occurred in schools citywide.

More outrage should be heaped because CPS will not hold anyone accountable.

There has not been one peep. Not even the sound of crickets.

The silence of our citizenry is deafening. Parents at schools are silent. People in the neighborhoods are silent.

Where is the outrage?

What does it take for citizens to express outrage at egregious and heinous behavior by public employees in this town?


Are we a city of Peeps, colorful silent fluffy marshmallows?

Or are we a city of big shoulders, ready to muscle our way to demand accountability and reform?

"If you’re a student at Chicago Public Schools, know this:

If any adult at your school — from teacher to lunchroom helper — is a sexual predator, CPS officials can’t be counted on to fulfill their most critical duty to protect you." (Chicago Tribune Editorial 6/4/2018.)

The problem is city wide. (Chicago Tribune graphic, edited for size.)

The problem is citywide. (Chicago Tribune graphic, edited for size.)

The secret is out. CPS, like the Catholic Church, treated sexual abuse, assault, and harassment, in mystic secrecy.

CPS inflicted psychological injury through repeated interrogations of victims.

CPS failed to notify child welfare investigators or police in most cases.

In one lawsuit, CPS attorneys claimed the student "factually consented" to sexual assault. That, in and of itself, is outrageous.

CPS failed in its duties to protect children.

CPS failed to enforce and update mandated reporting procedures.

CPS kept hundreds of cases under a shroud of secrecy for years.

When it comes to protecting children from sexual predators, CPS failed over and over again. They protected the abusers and those who failed to report abuses. The covered their assets.

CPS remained silent for years, keeping their secrets. Now that a beacon shone on CPS lapses, there is silence.

What does it take Chicago? What does it take to get citizens outraged?

There should be outrage over CPS failing to protect students. There should be outrage over the way CPS treats students who report abuses. There should be outrage over the way CPS has covered up sexual abuse and kept it all a big secret.

There is only silence. Silence is consent.

The citizen's silence proves it is perfectly alright to sexually abuse students, cover it up, refuse to hold people accountable cover up scandals and do nothing to change the system. Your silence means you consent to this.

Silence makes one ashamed of being a Chicagoan. It makes one ashamed of this city.

We are better than silent, fluffy, marshmallow Peeps.

If ever there was a time to rise up in anger and demand change, this is that time.

Do something. Get outraged. Demand accountability. Demand heads to roll. Demand change. Or, keep silent and consent to sexual abuse of Chicago Public School students.

The choice is yours to make.

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