The silence of consent prevails in CPS sexual abuse scandal

The silence of consent prevails in CPS sexual abuse scandal

There is national outrage over this President and his administration ripping children away from their migrant parents. My alderman, Ameya Pawar, has been on a social media roll about it. Must be nice to have a six-figure part time job so you can play on social media.

Make no mistake. Ripping children from their parents is morally wrong. It is possibly unconstitutional. It is not Biblical. It is inhumane.

Injustice, cruelty, and evil were perpetrated on children in the scandal-plagued Chicago Public schools. Two weeks after the Chicago Tribune reported on citywide sex abuse in the scandal-plagued Chicago Public School System, there is silence.

Chicago aldermen, including mine, remain silent.

Local school boards remain silent.

Parents of CPS students remain silent.

The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Principals and Administrators Association remain silent.

State and federal legislators, whose districts encompass Chicago remain silent.

The host of candidates running against Mayor Emanuel, including a former principal, remain silent.

CPS is silent.

A code of silence enveloped this latest CPS scandal. A wall of silence is being built.

Children were being sexually abused by teachers and other staff members of CPS. CPS principals and school staff failed time after time to report accusations of sexual abuse to the proper authorities as mandated by law. Principals, school staff, and CPS lawyers brutally interrogated victims, victimizing them again.

There is only silence. No outrage. No righteous indignation. No protests. No demands that people involved in malfeasance and flouting the law be immediately fired.

No one is demanding heads roll. Not one principal or other staff members from the involved schools has been fired. Not one person overseeing compliance at CPS has been fired. Not one.

Children were being sexually abused citywide for years.  Citywide there is nothing but silence.

All this silence is consent.

All who remain silent consent to children being sexually abused in our public school system.

All who remain silent consent to CPS failures, malfeasance, and dereliction of duty in mandated reporting of the sexual abuse of children.

All who remain silent consent to people keeping their jobs for flouting mandated reporting laws and revictimizing sexually abused children.

Children were sexually abused, the laws mandating reporting were ignored, CPS principals, staff, and lawyers then continued the abuse with useless interrogations and interviews better left to law enforcement. There were a number of other violations of policy and laws. Nothing happened. No one was fired and it appears no one will be fired.

That is beyond outrageous.

Yes, CPS hired some lawyer to investigate. That only means one thing. A lawyer will get paid big bucks to write a politically expedient whitewash report and recommend changes. The code of silence will be enshrined.

CPS should be taking the bull by the horns. They should start firing people now.

Citizens should demand action now not merely changes going forward.

The silence enables CPS to shove all this under the rug, cut a fat check to a lawyer, tweak their policies, and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

CPS, CTU, and CPAA are protecting and enabling the principals and staff involved. They are building a wall to hide egregious inactivity and heinous disregard for the laws mandating reporting.

The silence means we accept sexual abuse in our public schools. We accept violations of laws mandating reporting to authorities.

Citizens were abhorred at the Trump administration ripping immigrant children from their families. They sounded off. They demanded action.

Children, here at home, in our city, in our schools, in our neighborhoods were being sexually abused. Not one peep. Not one demand.

All we hear is the silence of consent.

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