Bring a federal court appointed monitor to reform Mystic Berrios Office.

Bring a federal court appointed monitor to reform Mystic Berrios Office.

I received the latest property tax assessment on my home. According to Joe Berrios office, my assessment rose 53%. His office, plagued by inaccuracies, faulty methodology, and mediocre practices, claims my home value is up $250,000.00 from the last assessment.

If that is the case, I should sell and pocket about $275,000.00 over the purchase price.

I just pulled a small mortgage for some remodeling work. My home was appraised by professionals at $180,000 less than Berrios assessment.

I own a frame workers cottage, not a McMansion. My home is 135 years old. It has no high-end exterior or interior amenities. It is a plain and simple home.

Joe Berrios has been promising for years he would modernize the Assessors Office and put in place best industry practices. Evidently, he did. They use Ouija boards, crystal balls, and Taro cards to assess homes. His name should be Mystic Berrios.

It is long past time Berrios leaves office. He should resign before his successor is sworn in. It will take a decade or two to undo the damage Joe Berrios did to the people of Cook County.

It is appalling that our monthly property tax escrows are hundreds of dollars more than our mortgages.

I retained an attorney to file appeals. I should not have to pay someone to correct the mystical paranormal methods the Assessor's office uses to determine property values.

I am not alone. People in my township have been hit with double-digit assessment increases. The median assessment increase is 31%. Citizens are irate and shocked. There are probably some people who may have to sell.

I am not moving. I love where I live. I love my neighborhood.

There has to be a way to stop this madness. We need an open federal investigation of the practices of the Cook County Assessors Office under Joe Berrios reign.

The Cook County Assessor, even the new one coming in, should be put under federal court-ordered supervision. A federal court-appointed monitor should be retained to ensure that best practices, policies, and procedures are put in place to assess property.

If mistakes were made, no matter how far in the past, refunds should go out, without citizens having to appeal.

Citizens should not be on the hook for mismanagement, malfeasance, and incompetence. Citizens deserve fair and accurate assessments of their property values by the Assessor's office. They should not have to appeal or pay an attorney to appeal every time the assessments go up due to inaccuracies.

Citizens in Lakeview and Rogers Park Townships should revolt against Berrios and his gang of thieves. They should take a page out of other activist organizations.

Protest Berrios office, his home, and his successor's home. Invade the Assessor's office and shut it down. Demand a thorough federal investigation of Berrios reign, a federal court-appointed monitor of the office, and the hiring of certified property tax professionals to clean up the mess Berrios will leave behind.

We should not have to wait decades for this mess to be cleaned up. We should demand action now. Only a court-appointed monitor can reform the sullied and sordid reign of Mystic Berrios.

People will rejoice when those fat refund checks for all the past years of malfeasance will hit their mailboxes.

The Cook County property tax system is broken. Only an outsider can fix and reform it.

The time is now or most of us will be forced to move.

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