A star went to heaven

A star went to heaven

A star went to heaven on Tuesday. A Chicago Police officer's life was taken. A part of Chicago died with him.

Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed doing what police officer's do, chasing bad guys.

Paul Bauer was a police officer's police officer. He was what we call the real police.

Bauer never forgot where he came from. He took care of the people he led. He never forgot what it is like to work the streets of Chicago.

Paul Bauer was more than just a cop. He was a loving husband and father. He leaves behind a wife and daughter.

They may never tell their police officer, but wives and children worry every day police officers walk out the door. They fret that will be the last time they see them. They dread the doorbell ringing and seeing somber-faced cops and police chaplain standing there.

Paul was a son of Bridgeport. He was a faithful parishioner at his church. He was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He was modest, down to earth, and willing to help where he could.

Police officers will mourn his death. Chicago will mourn a son of this city whose life was taken for something called duty and honor. Duty and honor are words that have little meaning today, except for those who live by them.

People, politicians, and some opinion writers will try to politicize and weaponize Commander Bauer's death for their own gain, ego boost, or publicity. That will be dishonorable, disreputable, and disrespectful. We live in a dishonorable, disreputable, and disrespectful world.

Paul Bauer was an honorable man who performed his duty faithfully to the city, the police department, the citizens, those who knew him, and his loved ones.

A star went to heaven yesterday, joining all the other stars of the protectors who look after us 24/7/365.

Paul Bauer will be eulogized and memorialized over the coming days. He will never be forgotten by those who loved him and the police department he loved.

There are only two words I can think of to eulogize Paul Bauer.

Thank you.

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