Chicago Public School system needs mandated oversight

Chicago Public School system needs mandated oversight
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The Chicago Public School system is broken.

Chicagoans will once again be penalized for the political, fiscal, and operational malpractice and malfeasance of the past.

Chicago Public Schools will again raise property taxes to fund systemic failure.

Home owners of all classes will suffer. Rents will increase, hitting the working and middle-class hardest.

With all the money Chicago Public Schools spend, there are too many underperforming schools. Education reform has been the land mine of politics since Richard J. Daley tried to improve the public schools in the late 1950's. There is resistance and open warfare from all sides. The powerful, and politically connected bureaucrats, unions, vendors, and politicians.

Parochial schools have continually provided a solid education for students. Suburban school districts provide solid educations for students. What are they doing right and CPS doing so wrong? Here is a clue. It is not just about money. It is about how, why, and where the money is spent.

We are paying a huge price for the failures of CPS. In tax dollars and students who are victims of a failed system.

CPS is insular. They refuse to look outward at other local and area educational systems and, well, educate themselves. They recycle failure year after year, decade after decade.

CPS past and current management, practices, and operations resemble some streets. One way and Dead End.

CPS needs to look outside their failing system, determine what other schools systems are doing so right, and implement those measures. They should eliminate any standards, programs, policies, and procedures that are consistent failures.

If they cannot or will not do it, then it is time for CPS to be put under mandated oversight with a panel of expert education and management watch dogs. Watch dogs with bite. Monitors who will reform the Chicago public education system, change the insular culture, and oversee it until CPS achieves across the board consistent success.

If there is any internal resistance, fire the resistors. Bureaucrats and glorified clerks are a dime a dozen.

CPS can no longer be trusted to operate Chicago's public school system. They can no longer be trusted with the education of children, facilities management, procurement, and logistics. They failed for too many decades.

Teachers are highly educated, skilled, and paid professionals. They are dedicated to their profession. They work long hours at a demanding job. They deserve the best school system to back them up.

Parents rely on schools to educate their children. If the system that is supposed to support schools is broken, the best teachers in the world cannot do their jobs effectively.

Children, teachers, parents, and tax payers deserve more than political platitudes and bureaucratic bromides. They deserve visible results.

School reform is not just the job of the mayor, alderman, Springfield, or Washington. We, citizens, tax payers, and parents need to demand better. We need to demand change loudly and in numbers.

Every single child in Chicago deserves a quality education through high school, no matter their race or socio-economic class. Every single tax payer deserves to know their money is being spent wisely to that effect.

Every teacher should be aware they will get the tools, support, management, and logistics to succeed. Every parent should be able to have faith and trust that CPS will educate their children.

If CPS cannot or will not change, then put them under mandated oversight. Move the bureaucrats out of the way and let successful education management professionals change and run the system until it produces consistent results across the city.

Open minded professionals who have experience with success instead of failure.

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