Is Chicago's real motto 'Abattoir by Lake Michigan'

Is Chicago's real motto 'Abattoir by Lake Michigan'

Another weekend, another round of murder, mayhem, and bloodshed. The past weekend is described as worse than Independence Day.

Week after week the murder and mayhem numbers roll in. The violence continues unabated. Grief, pain, frustration, and anger are palpable.

In 1917, H.L. Mencken called Chicago, "gargantuan and inordinate abattoir by Lake Michigan," about the famed Stockyards. It was a compliment.

One hundred years later, abattoir by Lake Michigan is an apt description for the bloodshed on Chicago streets. There comes a time when Chicago must say enough. There comes a time when good people throughout the city demand better.

If people are outraged over clownish cowardly supremacist groups instead of murdered children, there is something inherently wrong in this city.

If statues or monuments offend people more than the daily death toll, Chicago has no values.

There is no sanctity of life in Chicago. There is grief instead of joy. There is entrapment instead of freedom.

Image:Chicago Tribune Store.

Image: Chicago Tribune Store.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. We are each other's neighbor.

It is past time for neighbors to step in and help. We all have a voice and a vote.

Our voices and votes should be heard. All the way to City Hall, Springfield, and Washington D.C.

If elected officials, especially those who represent areas where violence occurs, remain silent and do nothing, then our voices should be loud and clear. They will not be reelected. Not one of them earns the privilege of serving people.

Chicago needs a new strategy to fight the gang and drug groups fueled violence. The same strategy that drove the Outfit so far underground they are a mere joke instead of a powerhouse.

Chicago needs a new strategy to mitigate poverty and bring real economic development to economically distressed areas. Mitigating poverty will lessen criminality and the resultant violence. The business community must step in and see value and profit instead of blight.

The mayor and city council will not change course unless we, neighbors of neighborhoods, demand it. Loud and clear. Springfield and Washington will not change course unless our voices are heard loud and clear.

Politicians are very good at counting. They count votes and campaign cash better than any statistician or C.P.A. If both are drained, so they barely have one set of fingers to count, they will get the message.

Fringe extremist groups, like the Nazis, Antifa, the KKK, or others are not committing murder and mayhem in Chicago. They are clowns and cowards. They fear to step foot in the affected neighborhoods of their perceived enemies.

Statues and monuments are not killing children on Chicago streets. They are meaningless inanimate objects.

People all over the world know the faces of some of the extremists, thanks to media coverage. People in Chicago do not know the faces of the gang and drug group leaders, thanks to the media refusing to expose them.

There is something very wrong when the news media will not expose the enemy within. There is something very wrong when the City of Chicago will not expose the enemy within. There is something very wrong when we, neighbors, do not know who is orchestrating and responsible for murder, mayhem, and chaos in neighborhoods.

Will this be Chicago's new logo?

Will this be Chicago's new logo?

We have a moral and social responsibility to lend a voice to people suffering real problems. Life and death problems.

Forget the clowns and cowards of the left and right fringe extremist groups. They are publicity seekers looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. They are not worth the energy it takes to get angry.

If you want to expend energy, get mad about murder and mayhem. Lend loud, clear voices that we, neighbors, will no longer tolerate violence. We will not tolerate gangs. We will not tolerate drug organizations. We will not tolerate do-nothing silent politicians, no matter how long they have been in office or how beloved they are.

It is time to demand the full force of local, state, and federal governments to stamp out the menace of organized criminal enterprises wreaking death and violence in our neighborhoods.

It is time to demand the full force of local, state, and federal governments along with the business community to bring real economic development to impoverished areas, mitigating poverty and the criminality it causes.

It is past time to stop reinventing the failed political and social policies of the past five plus decades and start anew.

Chicago needs new strategies or "Abattoir by Lake Michigan" will be Chicago's real motto.


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