Mayor Emanuel attacked by NYC news media

Mayor Emanuel attacked by NYC news media

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the man we love to hate and hate to love. That is a good thing. It keeps voters and the mayor level headed. While there is a lot to disagree with Emanuel on, there are an equal amount of things he does right.

One of those is improving our mass transit system.

Chicago's mass transit system is way better than it was six years ago. There are good reasons for that. One, the mayor rides mass transit. You better believe if he sees a problem, it will be fixed immediately.

Mayor Emanuel is a believer in modern and efficient mass transit and the benefits it provides to communities throughout Chicago. To say Emanuel is passionate about mass transit is an understatement.

The CTA is cleaner and safer than it ever was. Like, all systems, there are blips, but they are few and far between.

The CTA makes a real effort to communicate slowdowns or problems. The staff is friendlier and more personable than I remember, and I have been using public trans for over five decades.

The New York Times published an opinion piece by Rahm Emanuel. The mayor was touting our public transit system. He criticized some aspects of New York's and Washington's.

If the New York Times did not like the piece or its criticism, they could have spiked it. Instead, they did what third rate tabloids do. Create a sordid headline conjuring up memories of the fascist, Mussolini.

The 24/7/365 Kardashian infatuated and infected tabloid, the New York Daily News, ran a headline, "Dumb Track Mind." The subhead read, "...but at LEAST our riders don't get SHOT on the way home."

Funny, I do not recall the last person to get shot on public transit in Chicago. In New York, people get mugged, tossed in front of trains or on the tracks, get stabbed, sexually assaulted, pickpocketed, and are victims of a host of other property and personal crimes on a daily basis. All dutifully and proudly reported by the New York Daily News.

It appears the New York media cannot allow valid criticism of their city without counterpunching with insult and injury. What does one expect from a burg that puts garbage on sidewalks, like third world nations?


The mayor was not just heaping praise on our rapid transit system. He was making the case for improvements, financing, federal dollars for future expansion and modernization.

Mayor Emanuel stated emphatically, that cities with modern efficient mass transit are more competitive, economically viable, grow faster, and are cleaner than those without.

The mayor was making the case for modern efficient mass transient for all cities, not just Chicago. Something lost on the New York News media.

Chicago is making great strides in mass transit. The city needs federal dollars to go even further. The money is there. We need Washington politicians and bureaucrats to free those dollars up, not just for Chicago but all major cities.

To his credit, Mayor Emanuel is fighting for our fair share of federal transit dollars. Others, like New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio and Washington mayor, Muriel Browser, are setting up their systems for failure.

There are plenty of reasons to criticize Mayor Emanuel, like all politicians. When it comes to public transportation there is a lot to love. He is trying to do it right.

Mayor Emanuel knows he is the seller in chief of Chicago. Not since Richard J. Daley,  has a mayor done a better job of selling Chicago.

Bill de Blasio, New York City's mayor is running around, selling elitist ideas, horse manure. One never sees Waashington mayor, Muriel Browser selling anything.

Our future as a city relies on a modern, efficient, public transportation system. Cities need mayors to fight for dollars. Emanuel is doing just that.

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