Outraged Illinois politicians are thespians

Outraged Illinois politicians are thespians

According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois politicians in Washington D.C. expressed outrage over the testimony of former FBI Director, James Comey.

Some of those politicians represent districts in Chicago. Districts suffering from poverty. Districts suffering from violence, murder, and mayhem. Districts with no economic development. Districts with no hope.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez, whose district covers gang and drug infested neighborhoods, has done nothing to mitigate the poverty and crime it breeds. He is very good at expressing faux outrage at the drop of a hat. Mouth agape, teeth flashing like fangs, neck veins bulging.

Congressman Robin Kelly, whose district covers part of the most violent areas of Chicago's South Side, was another politician who was outraged by the testimony. She has done nothing to bring hope to her constituents.

Senator DIck Durbin, one of the most powerful members of that august body, was outraged. Chicago is in Illinois, a state he is supposed to represent. During his long career, he has done nothing for the most vulnerable in Chicago. He expresses no outrage over the murder and mayhem.

Politicians are great thespians in the grand tradition of the theater. The ancient Greeks and the Bard would be ever so proud of them. Their names should be in lights.

Over the past two years, not one of the mentioned elected officials expressed outrage over the violence plaguing Chicago's distressed neighborhoods. Not one of those officials proposed any plan to bring economic development, enterprise zones, or any other relief that leads to lifting people out of poverty.

Think about that.

The outrage these people express is not about Trump, Comey's testimony, or anything else. Their outrage is meant for the news media. It is scripted sound bites. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ever since the outrageous Donald Trump was elected, Illinois politicians have been outraged. They express their outrage at the drop of a curtain call and spotlight. The show must go on.

Not one of these politicians expressed any outrage over the slaughter of innocent children, toddlers, and infants in Chicago. Not one expressed outrage over neighborhoods plagued by violence, the drug trade, and gangs that fuel it.

Not one expressed outrage at people living in multi-generational poverty with no hope for a better future for them or their children.

Not one offered solutions to the violence, murder, mayhem, and the poverty that is the root cause of criminality. Not one.

The death toll rises. Poverty increases. Not one smidgen of help comes from those Washington elected officials. Not one word of advocacy.

The people who live in Chicago, especially in neighborhoods plagued by violence and crushed by poverty, should be outraged. They should be outraged at the faux outrage their elected officials expressed over Comey's testimony. They should be outraged over the apathy of these elected officials to their plight. They should be outraged that nothing will be done.

All politics is local. Those elected officials represent us, here, in Chicago.

The people affected by poverty, violence, gangs and the drug trade should only be asking one question. The same question all of Chicago should be asking. "What about us?"

When are these elected officials going to stop performing on the grand stage and take care of business at home? When are they going to do something?

All this faux outrage is a distraction. It is prestidigitation. It is meant to draw people's attention away from the real issues affecting them so politicians can perform their magic act of vanishing into the woodwork until the next election cycle.

Former Saturday Night Live comic, John Lovitz, whose character, Master Thespian, had one true word that perfectly describes Illinois politicians in Washington. A word shouted at the end of each skit. "Acting!"

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