Ameya Pawar takes a cheap shot calling Governor Rauner a racist

Ameya Pawar takes a cheap shot calling Governor Rauner a racist
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It did not take long. The race card was played in the governor's race before the campaigns even heat up.

47th Ward Alderman, Ameya Pawar, is running for governor. In the video below, he calls Governor Rauner a racist. Pawar dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck.

Why does Pawar call Governor Rauner a racist? Pawar disagrees with the governor's policies. He also disagrees with some of Governor Rauner's statements about Chicago schools, teachers, and refugees.

Pawar accuses the governor of using code words, with no evidence the language is coded. Pawar expects you to believe him because he says so and, as he points out, he is a person of color. It is not the first time Pawar has used his race as a symbol.

In our new political world, when you disagree with an opponent's policies, you call them a racist. You do not have to prove they are actual racists. No evidence is needed. The name-calling is enough. It is a cheap shot guaranteed to garner attention.

It is the best propaganda and smear campaign trick in the book. It is a low and dirty trick. It is beneath contempt.

There is a lot about Governor Bruce Rauner not to like. Bruce Rauner, as a citizen and governor, never displayed a tinge or hint of racism. People of color supported and voted for him. They did not and do not believe Rauner is a racist.

Calling the governor a racist is a pathetic desperate ploy to garner popularity and generate voter enthusiasm for his campaign. Pawar's Democratic opponents have what he does not. Money, name recognition, and the backing of the bigwigs in the Democratic Party as well as the major unions.

Evidently, Pawar felt he needed to take the lowest road to gain some kind of traction.

Pawar bitterly clings to the same failed racist political and social policies of the past six decades. Policies that keep people of color in abject poverty. Poverty that breeds crime and violence. The crime and violence plaguing Chicago's streets.

Ameya Pawar has been dead silent over the murder and mayhem on Chicago's streets, even gang related murders in his own ward. Pawar offers no solutions to the slaughter and bloodshed in Chicago. His silence is consent.

Most of the people being slaughtered in Chicago are poor, black, and invisible to politicians like Pawar. They are not the lily white stroller patrol, who sing his praises in the 47th Ward.

Pawar offers no solutions for impoverished neighborhoods like economic development, economic enterprise zones, or even making sure the Chicago Federation of Labor and other labor organizations incorporate more people of color, poor people, and former felons into union training programs.

Pawar offers no solutions for the correctional system which warehouses people instead of preparing them for productive lives outside of prison. Who are most of the prisoners? Poor people of color.

Pawar offers no solutions to education funding beyond raising taxes. He offers no demands for transparent and accountable education budgets so the voters can see where the bulk of their tax dollars go. Budgets based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the gold standard of accountancy.

Taxpayers do not know where their money is going. All they know is schools in certain areas are some of the worst in the state. Where are those areas? Impoverished neighborhoods where people of color live.

Pawar offers no solutions to the deepening debt crisis in Illinois. A crisis started during the term of former governor Rod Blagojevich. There are not enough dollars to squeeze out of the citizens to tax our way out of this debt. Who are the most vulnerable people affected by this crisis? People living in poverty. People of color.

Pawar offers no workable, practical, or pragmatic solutions to anything. Just a rewrite of the same policies which failed in the past and are failing people in the present. Policies designed to keep people impoverished and dependent. Most of those are people of color.

The policies Pawar advocates are the policies of smug elites who look down upon the rest of us, especially the poor and people of color. They deem us unworthy or unable to live without their failed grand ideas. Ideas that failed the most vulnerable among us.

Dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck is deplorable, despicable, disgusting, and disgraceful. It is unworthy of a supposed educated and intelligent person. It is unpardonable and unforgivable in a candidate running for governor.

Calling the governor a racist is the lowest form of character assassination.

Pawar is a typical Chicago politician. He uses the cheap shot, low blow, and dishonorable tactics. Pawar does not deserve to be governor of Illinois. He no longer deserves to be an alderman. Hopefully, he will keep his campaign promise not to run for another aldermanic term. The City Council does not need another cheap shot artist in its midst.

The old adage is, "Politics ain't bean bag." It is rough and tumble. It is warfare. Dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck, with no proof or evidence of racism and using your own skin color as a symbol, is the equivalent of a war crime in a political campaign.

Pawar owes the governor an apology. Good luck with that.

The nice thing about being a Chicago politician is never having to say you are sorry.

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