Why does Chicago consent to terror

Why does Chicago consent to terror

The carnage, mayhem, and murder go on in Chicago. It seems nothing can stop the violence.

Police officers are being shot and shot at. Innocent bystanders are being wounded and killed. In some neighborhoods, no one is safe.

Most of Chicago reads the headlines. The rising numbers of wounded and dead are meaningless statistics. They are a body count and nothing more. Dry statistics to go with the morning coffee.

There is still more outrage over the election of Donald Trump than there is over the murder and mayhem on Chicago's streets. Resist is the byword of wayward protesters and social media lynch mobs.

The puerile obsession over Donald Trump is making Chicagoans ignore the real issues of terror and death on our streets.

There is no rallying cry to resist the violence and criminality in Chicago.

It is time the citizens of Chicago confront themselves. We, every single one of us, no matter our race or ethnicity, no matter where we live, must ask ourselves three questions.

Are we going to continue to consent to terror through apathy and silence?

What are we going to do about it? We, being the operative word.

Are we going to stand by or resist?

The gang and drug terror are taking a deep emotional toll in our neighborhoods. People are living in a state of grief, fear, or both.

The rest of Chicago is apathetic to their pain. We go about our lives, safe and secure in the knowledge nothing will happen to us or our families.

The violence in Chicago sends a strong message. Murder means nothing. Life is not sacred. The gangs and drug dealers kill with brazen impunity. Their organizations become stronger and entrenched deeper into communities.

How can citizens be so callous to ignore the bloodshed on our streets? How can people ignore violent organized criminal enterprises in their midst?

When do we, collectively as a city, say enough is enough?

The police can do nothing without the will of politicians. If the politicians do not demand proactive policing, the terror will continue.

The politicians won't do anything without the will of the people. If citizens do not demand action the terror will continue.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wears the jacket for the violence in Chicago. He is the man in charge and, right or wrong, bears the responsibility. The mayor is one man. He cannot fight the terror on the streets without the backing of the full City Council and support from us, the citizens.

The only way to get the support he needs is for all of us to put pressure on our aldermen and other elected officials. Hard pressure. Every single alderman at every public meeting should be asked what they are doing to end the terror. They should be bullied and shamed if they do not have an answer.

They should also be shamed and bullied on social media. Of course, people would rather use their febrile imaginations to fight imaginary injustices heaped upon them by the White House.

Asking people to hold mass protests against criminality is futile. It is only by luck a few hundred show up. The majority are members of the affected communities.

Protesting Trump offers entertainment for the masses. Tens of thousands of overindulged, well fed, over privileged party goers would rather entertain themselves spending an afternoon or evening protesting Trump and their imaginary fears of his policies or lack thereof.

People, especially children, dying in the streets? Meh.

The terror on Chicago's streets will continue as long as the vast majority do nothing. The criminal element will get stronger, bolder, and even more brazen than they are now. They will become so deeply entrenched, eliminating them will nearly be impossible.

Each of us has a voice. We can use it to do something that makes a difference or we can entertain ourselves resisting meaningless imaginary fears.

Apathy and silence are consent. If the people of Chicago stay apathetic and silent, they are consenting to violence, murder, mayhem and criminality. They are telling the world murder, mayhem, and terror are Chicago values.

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