'The Silence of the Peeps'

'The Silence of the Peeps'

According to the Chicago Tribune, lawmakers are asking questions about a viral Facebook video of a man being dragged off of a United Airlines flight.

Chicago Aldermen want to hold hearings. United States Senators, including the two from Illinois, are demanding answers.

The video only shows the man being physically removed. It does not record what occurred before his removal. It is only part of, not the whole story.

No one died. There are no reports of medical treatment for minor or catastrophic injuries. Yet, lawmakers demand answers and hearings.

Memes on social media poke fun at United Airlines. One cartoon portrays men in United Airline's jackets removing the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, from office. Others proclaimed sending men with United Airline's jackets in to solve other problems, including crime.

There are the totally irrelevant daily viral videos about the pregnant giraffe about to give birth.

Harambe, the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati Zoo, had viral postings for weeks on social media. It ran the news headlines.

On Monday, Cook County Judge, Raymond Myles, was shot and killed behind his home. His girlfriend was wounded. So far, not one peep from lawmakers.

A priest was robbed at gunpoint while walking his dog this week. Not one peep from lawmakers.

Judge Peggy Chiampas castigated the Cook County State's Attorney's office for refusing to charge gang members before her court with parole and probation violations. The half dozen criminals had violent crime pasts. Not a peep from lawmakers demanding answers.

Children, including infants, are being murdered on Chicago's streets. Not one peep from lawmakers.


Lawmakers are like marshmallow peeps. They are garish, soft, mushy, and silent.

There is not one peep from aldermen or Illinois senators. Where are their statements, concerns, chirps, cheeps, and peeps over murder and mayhem in Chicago?

Murder and mayhem occur on a daily basis in some Chicago neighborhoods. There is dead silence from politicians on the city, state, and federal level.

Even the Facebook video of a fifteen-year-old girl being sexually abused by a gang of teens did not get a response from our elected officials. Elected officials were also silent on the Facebook video of another teenager being beaten and abused.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Superintendent of Police, Eddie Johnson, have been vocal. They wear the jacket, rightly or wrongly, for the mayhem and murder. They could use some heavy lifting from the aldermen, county commissioners, and legislators on the state and federal levels. There is not one peep from these lawmakers.

There are fifty aldermen in Chicago. What are they doing to mitigate the murder and mayhem? Where is their outrage?

Several state representatives and congressmen represent the areas where the violence is worst. Where is their outrage?

There are two United States Senators who represent Illinois. Where is their outrage?

When it comes to murder and mayhem in Chicago, lawmakers are like marshmallow peeps. They are garish, soft, mushy, and silent.

One video of a man being removed from an airline gets lawmaker's blood roiled up.

Murder and mayhem, especially of children and infants, does nothing to move lawmakers to action.

The bloodshed, murder, mayhem, and silence of lawmakers would make a great movie or documentary. We could title it, "The Silence of the Peeps."

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