When will Chicago care about the children

Last week, a fifteen-year-old girl from the Lawndale neighborhood was brutally sexually assaulted by a group of young men. The attack was put on Facebook Live for the whole world to see.


Almost a full week passed. The only person, other than family members, who expressed being sickened and outraged by this attack was Chicago Superintendent of Police, Eddie Johnson.

Scouring through social media, aside from news reports, there is dead silence.

There are no fulminating editorials expressing outrage. No screaming headlines are asking, "When is enough enough." No angry diatribes are inciting people to action. No words are expressing collective disgust.

There were no protests. Not even one person on the street.

Where are the so-called activists? Where are the alleged social justice warriors? Where are the feminists and others who supposedly support women? Where are the pseudo child activists? Where are the alleged progressive politicians, who are down with every insignificant cause imaginable?

Where are all these people hiding? Why are they silent?

Why do they refuse to use their bully pulpits to confront the very public degradation of a young girl?

This public sexual assault was not just a horrific crime. It was an abomination. It was an atrocity.

Over the past year, children, especially infants and toddlers, have been slaughtered on Chicago's streets. Few people expressed outrage over these senseless murders.

There are mass protests weekly over what people perceive the current administration in Washington is going to do.

There are no mass protests over the reality of Chicago children being terrorized.

Masses of Chicagoans express self-righteous indignation and bilious anger over the president. Hell, fire, and brimstone rain down from bullhorns at protests. Shouts of this and that, shutting things down, and other nonsense echoes off the brick, steel, and glass canyons downtown.

There are no echoes for the children.

There is dead silence over Chicago's children being harmed in horrific ways. No masses spitting disgust or abhorrence.

Chicago is silent.

Chicago is apathetic.

Chicago is cold and hard hearted.

Chicago is a town without pity. A city with no mercy.

Chicago keeps hopelessness alive.

Chicago touts its so-called values. When it comes to children, Chicago has no values.

Children's lives do not matter. Children's bodies do not matter. Children do not matter.

Chicago is a city with hearts of stone and ice.


Protest foolishness, ridiculousness, and perceptions of issues that do not directly affect you. Wear silly pink genital hats to show your resistance.

Buy bigger safety pins to wear so people can fawn over you. Especially Chicago politicians who take selfies while protesting, showing you are in solidarity with something or other.

Silence and apathy are consent.

Silence and apathy are the real Chicago values.

You, worthless citizens, consent and condone the slaughter of children and now the public, brutal, and horrific crime against a child.

As I write this, it is raining.

The rain will wash away the blood on the streets. It will not wash away your sins of apathy, silence, pitilessness, mercilessness, heartlessness, and utter stupidity.

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