Rahm's Cranes

Rahm's Cranes

They rise up into the sky.


They somehow look prehistoric and modern at the same time.

From the ground they rise, higher, and higher.

They should be ugly, but there is beauty in them.

They are cold hard steel. They are technological wonders.

When they move, it is steady and graceful, like a large bird in flight.

They turn and whirl, slowly,very slowly.

They lift and drop their loads, guided by the operator and men below.


They lift cold hard steel, cement, equipment, material, and other heavy loads up onto and into the buildings under construction.

As the buildings rise, they rise. Higher and higher into the sky. Towering over the construction and the surrounding buildings.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel brags about these glorious creatures every chance he gets. If you put a microphone in his face, he will gleefully state there are 44 of these creatures in the city of Chicago.

Once, an almost extinct species, they are multiplying. It is a sign of success in the environmental landscape of steel and glass.

The species is Emanuel Gruidae.

Rahm's Cranes.

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