President Trump stop talking start doing

President Trump stop talking start doing

Donald Trump compared Chicago's murder and violence rates to war torn areas of the Middle East. He also posited that it maybe a good idea to meet with gang members to solve the problem.

Someone should tell Trump crime fighting is not the same as putting up buildings in New York, where you have to meet members of crime families to insure your projects get built.

Gang leaders, like the New York Mafia, lead criminal enterprises. Meeting with them will do nothing. They will laugh at the stupidity of it.

If Trump was intelligent, he would help solve the conditions that lead to the crime and violence. He has the power to release funds for economic development and the creation of economic enterprise zones.

Since Illinois Congressmen and Senators refuse to push these, Trump can take a step to help end the cycle of poverty that is the root cause of violence.

He can also see to it that local, state,and federal Chicago politicians have little say in the funding by putting all under federal oversight. They purposely did nothing for decades to mitigate the poverty that causes crime. They do not deserve input.

Trump can send more federal agents to Chicago to work with the police. He should send in some IRS Agents too. Imagine some of these young dope dealers going to prison for tax evasion.

Let us use any and all resources to get these violent criminals off the street, including the tax laws.

Trump would rather spew gassbaggery or tweet in the middle of the night like a hormonal teenager. It gets him noticed, which is all he cares about.

If President Trump really wanted to do something, he could. He controls the federal agencies that issue funds for economic development and enterprise zones.

Like Chicago aldermen, Illinois state and federal legislators, Trump would rather do nothing, except talk and tweet.

Talk is cheap. Tweeting is for kids and Kardashians.

Donald Trump knows nothing about crime. He knows nothing about poverty. One can question if Trump knows anything.

Whenever Trump speaks or tweets, he shows an astounding level of ignorance. It is only matched by his arrogance.

The poverty, violence and murders in Chicago are heart rendering. The saddest thing, there is not one politician, including President Trump, who is willing to do intelligent, to quote the ignorant president, "Smart," things to mitigate them.

Five decades of failed government social and political policies caused Chicago's violence and crime problem. It appears Donald Trump, like all who came before him, will keep doing the same thing. Talk, and in this age, tweet.

Trump will create fake news and phony facts to keep his publicity mill going. It is all about Trump. This president forgets it is about us, the people. What he says or tweets is insignificant.

When he does something, which is highly unlikely, we should pay attention.

If his past actions are any indication, he will do the ill conceived, poorly planned, improvisational thing. Like his immigration fiasco, it will backfire horribly.

Trump is a Know Nothing. He surrounded himself with Know Nothing advisors.

This administration is shaping up to be the worst and the dullest. Maybe that can be a good title for a book on the Trump Administration.

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