It is time for Trump to get smart on immigration

It is time for Trump to get smart on immigration

President Trump's immigration ban on people with visas, Green Cards, refugees, and even American citizens coming here from certain countries is ill conceived, inhumane, and immoral.

His campaign threats of mass deportations and building a wall are despicable.

The shame, the horror, of all this, is there has not been a coherent, workable, and enforceable immigration policy in the United States since 1965.

Just like many areas in America are stuck, suffering from the failed social and political policies of the past five decades, immigration policy is the same, stuck on stupid.

There are many reasons why America's immigration policy is broken. The biggest is by design. No one from the business community to the politicians want to change things.

America needs a well thought out, intelligent, and humane immigration policy that is enforcable, yet flexible enough to adapt to economic realities or catastrophic events.

What Trump should have done, especially if he had intelligent advisors, was to work with Congress to develop a policy, set an execution date for it, and move forward.

Donald Trump is not an intelligent, thoughtful, or patient man. Trump believes he can do whatever he wants, as long as he raises the specter of jobs, safety and security.

Someone has to tell this president he is not omnipotent. He cannot rule by decree. The level of incompetence with his immigration order is a portent of worse things to come.

America does have an immigration problem. It is the result of five decades of refusing to make changes, doing the same things over and over again. Just like the failed social policies that are ravaging the distressed and impoverished areas of our nation.

If the president feels immigration must have stricter controls, fine. Work with Congress, develop legislation and policies. Then, enforce them.

Trump's eclectic, eccentric, and improvisational strategy will not work in the long run. Trump needs to do the intelligent thing, if that is possible.

That takes time. America is not a real estate hustle or an hour reality show. Trump is no longer a celebrity. He is the president.

The American people want a president who is smart. Not one who shoots from the lip or tweets from the trigger finger.

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