Chicago should thank Donald Trump

Chicago should thank Donald Trump

When Donald Trump tires of talking  and tweeting about himself, his "yuge" victory, smooth running White House, fake news media, building walls, and being an insufferable boor, he brings up Chicago.

Trump brings up the violence plaguing some of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods.

Not that he is going to do anything about it, but he does Talk about it.

Chicago politicians  and those representing Chicago are silent and invisible on the slaughter of innocents in Chicago.

Senator Dick Durbin spends time protesting Trump's cabinet picks and policies.  He is mute on the slaughter of children in Chicago.

Durbin has done nothing during his whole Senate career to help Chicago's impoverished neighborhoods.


Mark Kirk,  and now Tammy Duckworth, the past and current junior Senators from Illinois were and are silent. Junior Senators are the ventriloquist dummies of the senior Senator. They say nothing unless the senior senator moves his lips.

How about Congressmen?

Danny Davis has been an elected official for five decades. During all that time, he did nothing to help the impoverished neighborhoods. He is dead silent on the carnage plaguing those areas.

Congressman  Bobby Rush is also silent. He has done nothing for the impoverished neighborhoods in his district. He too is silent and invisible.

Jesse Jackson Jr. did nothing during his terms in Congress. His predecessors and successor, Robin Kelly, are silent and invisible.

There  are state representiatives and senators. All silent. All doing nothing. They are the puppets of Mike Madigan and John Cullerton. They say and do nothing unless they are told.

Chicago Tribune image.

Chicago Tribune image.

Last, we have the bottom feeders. The carp of Chicago politics, Chicago aldermen.

The aldermen are silent and invisible.

Not one alderman did one thing to help mitigate poverty, bring in economic development, dismantle the gangs, or assist their constituents.

When WalMart wanted to build a store on the far South Side, an alderman, whose ward sits 14 miles north, vehemently  protested. That same alderman is mute on the slaughter of innocents far from his ward.

My own alderman is mute. He is too busy running around the city taking selfies while protesting the president and his policies. He loves getting photos of himself with protesters or carrying signs. One could wonder if he sings those old protest folk songs too.

When my alderman is not getting down in solidarity with the protesters while running his popularity campaign, he is running for Illinois governor. He claims to be from District 47. With two masters degrees, one would think he knew it is a ward, not a district.

Not one career or newly elected Chicago politician is saying or doing anything. There is no talk about bringing economic development and Enterprise Zones to mitigate the poverty that is the root cause of crime and carnage.

There is no talk about demanding federal law enforcement to treat the gangs, no matter how big or small, as organized criminal enterprises.

There is only silence.

No one in Chicago holds politicians accountable for their silence and total lack of action.

In effect, we are allowing the politicians to indirectly get away with murder.

Some Chicago news media outlets reported on the closing of the long time Outlaws Motorcycle gang's North Side headquarters. The reports gave the place iconic status. The Outlaws have another club on the South Side, in Little Village.

Not one supposed journalist questioned why a notorious organized criminal enterprise was even allowed to openly have these clubs. 

Not one alleged reporter questioned why the city allowed murderous criminals and drug traffickers to openly advertise their criminal enterprise.

The silence, invisibility, and total lack of action by elected officials is political malpractice and malfeasance of the highest order.

The slaughter of innocents is the final culmination of our see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, do nothing politicians.

This slaughter on our streets is not a racial or ethnic issue. It is an issue for all of us. It is reality. A reality of bloodshed and grief. A reality of parents losing their children, children losing their parents, and a whole city that does not care.

There may not be a lot to be ungrateful for with this president. He is making a mockery out of the office. At the very least, Chicago should be grateful to President Trump.

Trump is doing way more by babbling about Chicago than all the Chicago city, federal, and state politicians combined.

Yes, talk is cheap. But, it is way better than the silence of the people who are supposed to represent us and actually do something.

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