Chicago is a river of bloodshed

Chicago is a river of bloodshed

11-year-old Takiya Holmes died yesterday. She clung to life after being shot.

Yesterday 2-year-old Lavontay White was shot and killed.

Today, Kanari Gentry Bowers, aged 13, died after clinging to life. She was also shot.

Three innocent children murdered in a cold hearted uncaring city.

Chicago is turning into a river of bloodshed. Chicagoans are apathetic and silent. It is pathetic.

These were children. They were not gang members, dope dealers, or other criminals. They were innocent children.

The list of innocent murdered children is getting too long.

The apathy, silence, and inaction by elected officials is worse. They are a stain and embarrassment on our city. They are worse than the murderers.

What is it going to take for this city to wake up and do something. How many innocent children must die before people say enough is enough?

Where are the loud voices of disgust?

Our aldermen are silent. Our state representatives and senators are silent. Our Congressmen and U.S. Senators are silent. They are silent and apathetic.

Citizens are more concerned about strangers, refugees and immigrants, than they are about our own children. They are more angry that Trump is president than they are about the slaughter of innocents.

People babble about resistance, protests, and other useless nonsense over Donald Trump that will change nothing. Their smugness and pride over protests, pot shots on social media, and defiance is sickening.

Where are the protests, pot shots, and defiance about murdering children in cold blood.

Hundreds of thousands of people will not march on the murderous neighborhoods, protesting the slaughter of innocents.

Tens of thousands will not contact their politicians demanding action and change.

Not one person will stand up for murdered children.

Chicago Tribune, columnist Dahleen Glanton, made an observation. These children are black, poor, and invisible.

If there was ever racism practiced in Chicago, it is being practiced now. It is your silence and apathy over the invisible children.

All you alleged progressives, radicals, liberals, and others fighting for so-called social justice are racist. You will not fight for murdered black children. You will not protest, defy, or resist. You will not raise your voice. You will not stand up and be counted.

There is a name for you people. Hypocrites.

On days like today, I am sorry I spent almost 30 years as a police officer serving and protecting you people. You never deserved it.

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