Evil monsters walk among us in Chicago

Evil monsters walk among us in Chicago
Image: Chicago Police Department

There are monsters in Chicago. There is evil in Chicago.

I spent almost 30 years on the Chicago Police Department. I saw monsters walk among us. I witnessed the result of their evil deeds. I had a front row seat to human inhumanity to fellow humans.

The worst were evil deeds perpetrated upon the most vulnerable among us. The infants, children, elderly, and disabled.

I learned one thing. Monsters and evil cross all demographic lines. Rich, poor, all races and ethnicities, class, or education.

Evil acts were committed this week upon a vulnerable person. An eighteen-year-old mentally disabled man was brutally victimized and tortured for thirty minutes by other young people. Monsters. Humans with no humanity.

These evil young people not only committed acts of cruelty but they put them on Facebook Live for the world to see in real time.

The world saw evil. The world saw monsters at work. The world saw the monsters enjoying their evil deeds.

According to the Chicago Tribune, four people were charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Three of the arrestees are eighteen-years-old. One is twenty-four-years old.

After reading the stories and watching the video, I remembered two other evil monsters, Leopold and Loeb. They were young, intellectual, and wealthy. They kidnapped and murdered fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks just for the thrill of it. All the families lived in the same Chicago neighborhood and knew each other.

This week's incident did not end in murder. It could have.

What made this incident more horrific was the live video. This was bold and audacious. The world saw in living color fiends having fun torturing a mentally disabled young man. Committing acts of pure evil for the thrill of it.

The race and youth of these monsters and victim are irrelevant. Some in the news media, fake news media, and a few politicians want to stoke that fire for publicity, opportunism, or click bait. That is truly reprehensible and shameful.

What is relevant? The questions we should ask. Where is this evil behavior learned? How is thrill-seeking torture deemed acceptable by these young people? What could lead to young people thinking it is fun to torture someone, especially a mentally disabled person? Why would they believe putting up a live video would be entertaining?

Maybe some experts can answer these questions. So far, none have come forward.

2016 was a year of murder and mayhem in Chicago.

2017 started with monsters committing evil acts the whole world watched.

Where do we go from here?

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