The oblivious walking phone people

I am always surprised when I see herds, flocks, and hordes of people walking down the street with their faces plastered to their Idiot Phones. They are blind and oblivious to all the interesting things you can see in our wonderful city.

They even keep their faces plastered to their phones in museums.

Downtown buildings are festooned with plaques denoting historical events.

There is beauty in something as simple as the hinges on the doors of St. Michael's Church in Old Town. They exhibit the artisan craft of metal work long gone in Chicago.

The city has great street sculpture. The Bronze Bull on the south end holds a surprise if you look close. The Water Tower and Picasso are etched into the eyes.

There are people. People with beautiful dogs. Panhandlers, like the beggar, who kneels on the street. I photographed him about four years ago on North Michigan Avenue. Now he is on South Michigan Avenue.

There are people who wear goofy hats and the people who let them out of the house looking like that.

Men and women who individualize their personal style to stand out from the crowd.

There are idyllic places. Park like settings providing a refuge from the hustle and bustle of our urban environment.

During the Christmas holiday season, there are decorations festooning buildings and plazas.

There are cranes Mayor Emanuel gushes about. Lifting material for buildings as they rise skyward.

Chicago is a "City Beautiful." More beautiful than whatever it is people are looking at on their phones.

Handheld technology is making people blind to their surroundings. They stare at a hunk of metal and glass, ignoring all the great sights. Earplugs stuffed into their ears make them deaf to the symphony of sounds in the city.

The phone people get annoyed and angry when they bump into you as if you are supposed to watch where they are going. They act like mindless blind robotic zombies going here to there and there to here in a state of oblivion. They have no senses, sense, or sensibility.

The phone people fail to see the beauty, humor, or oddity all around them. They appreciate nothing but their virtual world of irrelevant social media, texting, FaceTime, or Snapchat.

Put the Idiot Phone away. Take the plugs out of your ears. Appreciate what is around you. You might be pleasantly surprised or amused.

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