Christmas is a time of giving

Christmas is a time of giving

Christmas is the season of giving. People spend inordinate amounts of time and money shopping, searching for the perfect gifts. shopping for delicacies for Christmas dinner, and giving parties.

People shop for delicacies for Christmas dinner and other holiday parties.

Lost in the swirl of holiday chaos, constant consumer ads, and the bustle of shopping are the needy. People who have nothing to give or receive during the Christmas season. People who have no family to spend the holiday with. People with memories of Christmas past and the harsh reality of Christmas present.

Chicago celebrities and personalities are hitting the airwaves, promoting their favorite charities and charity events before Christmas Day and the goodwill passes.

You are stretched for time and money this close to Christmas, but you can still give a little. Even ten dollars goes a long way for some charities.

Maybe you can just do the easy thing. Pick up a few sandwiches and give them to homeless people you encounter.

A nice bag of toiletries, maybe a pair of gloves or a scarf. A gift card for a fast food restaurant would make their holiday.

Go through your closets or other storage areas. There might be winter clothing you no longer wear. Find someplace to donate it. How about household items?

You could donate money or food to one of the shelters. You could even volunteer to feed people over the holiday. There are several organizations in Chicago feeding or clothing needy people.

Christmas is the time of giving. Remember to give to those less fortunate, the most vulnerable in our society.

If you cannot donate money, donate time. Volunteer at a charity or charitable function. Make volunteering one of the New Years resolutions you keep.

Here is a list of worthwhile charities that help those in need:

Chicago Tribune Charities

Salvation Army Chicago

Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

Chicago Cubs Charities

Chicago Blackhawks Charities

Chicago White Sox Charities

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Greater Chicago Food Depository

After School Matters




100 Club of Chicago

Meals On Wheels Chicago

Catholic Charities Chicago

Little Brothers Friend's of the Elderly

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