'Oh what a night'

'Oh what a night'

'Oh what a night. Election night of 2016. What a horrible time for me. As I remember what a night.'

The anger of the American people spoke. Donald Trump will be the new president of the United States. A totally despicable candidate. He ran against Hillary Clinton, a totally detestable candidate.

No matter who won this election, the American people would lose. And we lost big time.

The "Art of the Deal," defeated the "Artful Dodger".

The once and future queen was defeated by the wanton windbag.

America, you were handed a crap sandwich for this presidential election. Out of all the talented, accomplished people in this great nation, two of the most deplorable and despicable were selected to run.

It proves the advertising, propaganda, and political adage, "Never under estimate the stupidity of the average American".

In 2020 America may vote Kim Kardshian, into office. She has a larger following than the two candidates combined. She breaks the internet. Yes, I believe voters are that dumb.

There is a lot of blame to go around. The two major political parties bear the brunt of the blame. They allowed two totally unfit candidates to run.

The low information American people bear blame. They voted for these two despicable candidates in the primaries. They knew full well neither was qualified to be president.

This election was between two old wealthy white people with old wealthy white people problems. Both had baggage, that in saner years, would have sunk candidates long before the primaries.

The news media, especially cable news and the Beltway news are to blame. They inflated or tried to deflate both candidates. They turned this election into a choice between a circus clown and a legal acrobat.

We got the circus clown.

The American primary voters are to blame. They believed the media madness. They believed the propaganda. They worshiped at the altar of two broken political ideologies. They put these deplorable candidates on the ballot.

You reap what you sow. You get the government you deserve. You want the Donald. You got him.

Now what do we do?

A buffoon will be the President of the United States. A man with the mouth that roars. A man with no tact or diplomacy. A legend in his own mind. A bully. A possible dictator and tyrant.

Trump is a man devoid of morals. A man whose ego is bigger than the world.

The alternative was no better. Hillary Clinton's ego is as big as Donald Trump's. Her quest for power and vindication was unrivaled. She was not running for president. She was seeking coronation as the Queen of the United States.

America is in for a long national disappointment. A long four year national nightmare.

Trump will be a national and international embarrassment. America will be a laughing stock. "Make American Great Again?" More like, "Make America Horrible".

We are in line for America's Dark Ages. The Know Nothings will be in charge. We will devolve into a dark inglorious time of ignorance.

Progressives are not progressive. They tout the same policies that failed, especially failed the disadvantaged in America. That is regressive.

Conservatives are not conservative. They are the same as the progressives. Touting failed public policies that benefit no one.

Both parties are, in the words of former mayor Harold Washington, "Antediluvian dodo birds".

Conservatives and liberals are two wings of the same predatory pterodactyl, swooping in to grab and feast on all they can. Destroying everything in their path.

I will not congratulate Donald Trump. I would not congratulate Hillary Clinton if she won.

America deserved better than these two hideous candidates for president.

Donald Trump will not be my president.

One can only hope the two parties in the legislature can work together, for once, to minimize the damage Donald Trump will do to our nation. One can hope the Supreme Court can deflect this disaster in the making.

Hopefully, hope is not dead in America tonight.

There is one other thing we can hope for. The American people will stop being Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, and liberals. They will stop being sheep following ideological shepherds.

We can hope the citizens of this country will become intelligent human beings with common sense. "Horse sense. The sense God gave horses to keep them from betting on humans." (W.C.Fields)

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