Forgotten America elected Donald Trump

Forgotten America elected Donald Trump

Washington, both parties included, the pollsters, establishment news media, bureaucrats, and other politicos do not live in the real America. They live in a bubble echo chamber. They believe they know what is best for the country.

They fail to listen to the people. They are know-it-all know nothings.

If you need a reason for Donald Trump's victory, look to Forgotten America. The America that was ignored. America, whose voices were not heard.

Hilary Clinton did not listen. The Democrat and Republican parties did not listen. Big Journalism did not listen. Pollsters and political gurus? The experts with no expertise did not listen.

Who are these forgotten Americans? They live in that vast swath of the United States called, flyover country. They work in professions, blue collar jobs, farming, or the same jobs many other people work in.

They live in rural areas, small towns in the middle of nowhere, or medium and small cities.

They are unemployed, underemployed, unemployable, or just gave up looking for work.

They are educated or uneducated- whatever those terms mean.

They are the the middle of the road voters, swing voters, and independent voters. They used to be called the silent majority. They are not loyal to political parties. They are loyal to themselves.

They are people who look hard at bread and butter issues. The issues people discuss over their dinner tables or in their bedrooms before putting the lights out. Money issues.

The forgotten Americans vote the here, now, and future.

Here is wherever they live. How is here being affected by Washington? Washington is a foreign land to them.

Now is their present situation. Will they keep their jobs, homes, and lifestyles, whatever they may be? Will there be money to send the children to college? Will they have healthcare insurance and accessible healthcare? Will they take a vacation this year or next? Do they need another job to keep things going?

The future is retirement. Will they be able to retire comfortably? Will there be enough money to live a good life?

Forgotten America does not care about making history, smashing glass ceilings, or nerdy policy wonk issues. They care about the here, now, and future. They care about their wallets.

When the forgotten Americans get fed up enough they vote in droves. Forgotten America were fed up with the past almost sixteen years of perceived government failure. The political and social battles over issues that did not affect their lives and livelihoods. No one lobbied on their behalf.

They sent a strong message to Washington. They helped elect an outlier as president. Donald Trump.

They saw the same old same old during the primaries. More Washington stern paternal elitists who knew better.

Forgotten America did not see a change agent in Hillary Clinton. They saw more of the same. She touted the same failing policies that for almost six decades did nothing to improve their lives. They saw a regressive in progressive clothing.

Forgotten America did not see a path forward with Clinton.

In Donald Trump they saw the anti-elite, anti-establishment. The candidate who would, in their minds, break Washington.

Trump would get things done.

Politics is about perception. Perception used to be more powerful than reality. In today's world perception is reality.

Ask David Axelrod, Karl Rove, or James Carville. They will say the same thing. The candidate that can connect with the hopes, dreams, aspirations, angst, fear, and anxieties of voters will win every time.

Bill Clinton's, "I feel your pain," was probably one of the most powerful political slogans to resonate in American politics. Barack Obama's message of hope and use of symbolism resonated with vast numbers of people cross the political spectrum.

Donald Trump tapped into the heartbreak of Forgotten America. He appealed their fears, angst, worries, and anxieties. Sometimes to the lowest common denominator.

Most of us thought, "Make America Great Again" was tacky. Forgotten America embraced it. Their America, their here, now, and future did not look so great.

In effect, Forgotten America threw the bums out. They do not know if Trump will be their savior. In their minds he cannot do any worse than the bums they threw out.

They sent a strong message to the career politicians. If their jobs, futures, way of life, and economic security is not safe, then politicians better start looking for work.

Washington, through its neglect woke a sleeping tiger. The tiger bit hard. More bums will get thrown out in the future.

Donald Trump won the election. He will be great or terrible. In four years he might be the bum getting thrown out or a president going into his second term.

There is a lesson to be learned. All politics is local. Politics is not Washington, the big cities in the East, Midwest, or West.

Politics is not hot button issues, like climate change, women's health, various civil rights, safety nets, entitlements, or all the other issues the fire breathers supposedly care about.

Politics is about people. Where they live, how they live, and what their future will be.

Politics is local. People who go to Washington, wherever they come from, forget that. So called educated journalists and politicos forget that. Political gurus forget that.

The establishment and elitists, who think they know better, hopefully learned from this lesson. Hopefully they will reach out to Forgotten America and bring them into the fold.

Hope against hope they will shed their know-it-all, one size fits all America attitude.

Hopefully they will never forget Forgotten America.

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