Cubs win the World Series

I am 63-years-old.

I am a life long Cubs fan.

I cried when they won the World Series.

As a teenager, I was an Andy Frain usher. I worked  many Cubs games. I saw all the greats play.

I suffered the disappointment year after year. Decade after decade.

This is a night to be savored. A night of nights. A night of history.

I am not alone. All Chicago is cheering tonight.

The lovable losers are the lovable winners.

The Cubs are no longer the doormat of the National League or Major League Baseball.

The Cubs are world champions.

Harry Caray is singing, "Take me out to the ballgame".


The curse of the goat is over.

Stevie Goodman is writing a song about the the "Dying Cubs Fan" celebrating.

Ernie Banks is dancing in Heaven with Ron Santo.

Mike Royko is writing a column in Heaven.

The long Chicago nightmare is over.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Pigs are flying, hell froze over, the fat lady sang.

I can die a happy man. This win is better than anything in life.

Chicago is celebrating. Fireworks, gun shots, people in the streets shouting.

Life long Cubs fans are proudly celebrating.

Cleveland tried hard. They deserve credit. They almost pulled it off. They came from behind to tie the game. They deserve credit for that. In the end, their good was not good enough. But, making the World Series is a major accomplishment. Cleveland, you rock.

This series has turned me into a drunk. I need detox. I am not an alcoholic. I do not go to meetings. Betty Ford Clinic should waive the waiting list for Cubs fans.

God shined on Chicago tonight.

Congratulations to Ricketts, Eptsein, Maddon, and all the great Cubs players and management.

Fly the W.

There is nothing sweeter.

The Cubs are world champs. The feeling is great.

People will be partying all night. There will be a lot of empty office buildings today.

Let us savor this moment. A 108 year drought is over.

Lovable losers no more.

The Cubs are lovable winners.


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