'The whole world is watching'

'The whole world is watching'

"The whole world is watching." A chant from the 1968 Democratic Convention protests in Chicago. The chant was revived by the Occupy Chicago and Black Lives Matter movements during their large protests.

The whole world has been watching Chicago for two centuries. During Chicago's growth from a swampy trading post to the present, the whole world watched.

The 1893 World Columbian Exposition brought the world to Chicago and Chicago to the world. In 1933 the feat was repeated with the World's Fair, held in Chicago. In between, the world watched our city grow. It witnessed the City Beautiful Movement. A movement of architecture and artistic inspired civil engineering.

The world watched as Chicago spread from the lakefront north, south, and west. They watched as Chicago soared from the flat prairie upwards with its skyscrapers.

As a transportation hub and center of commodity trading, the world watched prices of American commodities. The world watched a city of commerce and industry arise out of the marshes and swamps of Lake Michigan.

On Friday, the whole world will be watching Chicago again. That is when the Cubs start their three game home stretch of the World Series. People from all over the world will descend on Chicago to watch baseball. People in all corners of the world will watch the games on television.

Chicago will be on the world's center stage. It is our opportunity to shine. To show off our city. To demonstrate the hospitality Chicago has been noted for.

The World Series is bigger than anything, even the Olympics.

The hospitality industry is gearing up for the big event. We should be gearing up for it too.

Chicago should show off its world class hospitality. We will be in the restaurants and bars with visitors from all over. We will see them on the streets, trying to navigate our city. Many will be Cleveland fans. We should put out the welcome mat.

All these people descending on our city will go home and talk about Chicago. The world media visiting will report on Chicago. Let us leave them with great things to talk about.

Chicago is a world class city. We should show off our class to all the visitors, especially the Cleveland fans. They love their team as much as we love ours. They love their city as much as we love ours.

As with everything in life, there is one exception to this rule.

Joe Buck.

Buck is one of the most biased, prejudiced, and overtly discriminating sports broadcasters. Calls by teams and fans to get him fired go on deaf ears. He must work as cheap as the shots he takes at teams.

In a perfect world, Joe Buck would not be allowed out of the airport. He would be put on the next one way flight out of town. Preferably to a place where it would take weeks to return from.

Barring that, Buck should be treated with derision where ever he goes in Chicago. Since Fox will not get rid of him, just mute the television and listen to the game on the radio. Use social media to let Fox know you are doing that. Maybe they will finally listen and get rid of this pest.

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