Go Trump go

Go Trump go


Go Trump go

Go Trump go

Hey America whadaya say

Trump has got to go today

It is long past time for Donald Trump to drop his disastrous candidacy for president. The disparaging remarks about women that recently surfaced prove he is truly despicable.

The comments are indefensible. No apology can suffice. There is no defense, no public relations cure, no come back from Trump's deplorable remarks.

Trump lacks the character and gravitas necessary to hold public office. Trump has no humanity. He has no socially redeeming traits. He is not even human.

Donald Trump must delete himself from this election now.

I have been a voter for well over four decades. This is the absolute worse election cycle I have seen. I feel like a witness to an impending disaster. A tsunami of monumental proportions.

Hillary Clinton is slippery like an eel. The truth is what she says it is, even when she is lying. The sad thing is people do not care. For some strange reason she is popular. Her supporters do not care about her total lack of ethics or integrity.

We have two candidates running for president who would corrupt the highest office of the land. They would and could do more harm than good. Neither Trump nor Clinton will do anything for America. What should worry voters is what they can do to America.

It is not just the two detestable presidential candidates running. I am disgusted by the people of both parties running for election and reelection to other offices.

I cannot even hold my nose to vote for one of the two candidates running for senator. My congressman, though a decent person, is largely missing in action.

Both my state representative and senator are useless.

This is a horrible election cycle for Illinois, Chicago, and America.

The people we elect do not represent us. They represent their party hierarchy. They pledge their allegiance to their party not the people.

The Democrat and Republican parties are a stain on American values. Neither party represents who we are. They successfully divided us into small angry tribes squabbling over inconsequential litmus test issues.

Democrats and Republicans do not care about people. They do not care about jobs or the economy. They ignore poverty, violence, health care, crime, national defense or security, education, and the tax burden they put upon us.

The Democrat and Republican mascots are two noble animals, the donkey and the elephant. They are humble beasts of burden.

Their mascots should be horrible destructive beasts. An ogre and a dragon perhaps. Like horrifying beasts, the Democrats and Republicans lay waste upon the land and leave a foul stench in their wake.

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