Chicago's 'Poor alderman' kind of sort of apologizes

Chicago's 'Poor alderman' kind of sort of apologizes

Mily Santiago, the 'poor alderman' in the Chicago City Council, issued a weaker than wet noodle apology over her rant about not getting Cubs tickets to the World Series.

A woman who makes over one hundred thousand dollars a year is not poor. She is over paid, as are all Chicago aldermen.

Chicago alderman is a part time job by definition. What kind of part time job pays six figure salaries, grants Rolls Royce benefits, and a hefty pension?

Their only responsibility is to pass ordinances. Most of those ordinances are ridiculous. Aldermen are the clowns of politics.

They do not have to show up at City Hall. Like former alderman, Sandi Jackson, they can even live in other cities.

The childish greed of Mily Santiago and her cohorts goes unabated. Gimme is all they know. Taking and receiving is all they do.

Heck, being an alderman in the City of Chicago is better than being a gangster. It is safer too. Aldermen do not kill each other. They make and break their own rules with impunity.

Reform is a dirty word in the city council chambers. Ethics is an unmentionable. It is a deplorable word. If Chicago aldermen had their way reform and ethics would be banned from the lexicon.

If anything should cause mass outrage in Chicago, it should be the aldermen squabbling in public over the World Series ticket issue and their crying poverty.

City Hall should be shut down by protesters. The aldermen should be shamed in public. Every where they are seen they should be ridiculed and verbally bullied.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, 'Chicago aldermen are super predators with no conscience, no empathy, and they should be brought to heel'. They prey upon the most vulnerable of us, people who cannot afford to grease their palms. They are thugs.

If the aldermen were true public servants, they would have bought those tickets, at face value, and raffled them off for charity. That would be a first in Chicago. A bold historic step. Aldermen actually giving instead of receiving.

Instead, aldermen did what they always do, complain about not getting something. They are infantile. They are only good for throwing tantrums.

The Chicago Cubs, as a symbol of apologetic generosity, should send each alderman a pacifier and a onsie bearing the Cubs logo.

Reward the children for their truculence and petulance.

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