Chicago aldermen throw temper tantrum over Cubs tickets

Chicago aldermen throw temper tantrum over Cubs tickets

You have to love Chicago aldermen. They get upset over the silliest things.

The Chicago Cubs pulled back on an offer of World Series tickets to aldermen.

The aldermen would be allowed to purchase the tickets at face value. The Chicago Ethics Board ruled that the offer would violate a ban on accepting gifts over $50.00. The ruling was based on the secondary market value of the tickets.

At a budget hearing, where the aldermen were supposed to be discussing important issues, they acted like two-year-old's throwing tantrums. Stamping their feet and pounding their chubby little fists.

Alderman, Milly Santiago, claimed the denial of tickets was "kind of insulting, humiliating and embarrassing for us”.

Alderman Mike Zalewski: “We don’t live in a Third World country where we’re not allowed to go to a sporting event because we’re on the City Council. I understand about how much they’re worth now. But just to go a ballgame with my wife and my family and because I’m an alderman, now I can’t buy a ticket?”

"It’s a tremendous burden to put on a baseball fan to try and figure out at any given moment what the price of the game might be on the secondary market,” said Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd)." (Chicago Sun-Times)

What is insulting, embarrassing, and humiliating is the greedy childish conduct of the aldermen. If you want to go to a ballgame with your family, buy a ticket on the secondary market, like other people.

It is not a burden to an alderman to find out the price of a ticket on the secondary market, like other people. Just make Google your friend, the same way other people do.

By the way, "like other people," is insulting and humiliating to us other people who pay your six figure part time salaries. You are not better than us other people. What makes you so special?

Alderman, by definition, is a part time job. It pays a six figure salary with Rolls Royce benefits and perks. They can afford to buy their own tickets, just like other people.

What is worse, the aldermen used a pubic forum, a budget meeting, to vent their anger and disappointment. The whole world saw Chicago Aldermen as cheapskates and chiselers. They have no shame.

In this political cycle, when politician is a dirty word and people are struggling to stay above water, one would think aldermen consider the appearances of their words and actions. One would think wrong.

Chicago aldermen have no ethics. Ethics rules are not supposed to apply to them. They refuse to be held accountable if or when the rules are violated or enforced. Like terrible two-year-old's, they cry, bawl, and yell, when they can't get what they want.

The Chicago City Council is an embarrassing stain upon this city. They have no shame. The City Council motto is, "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme".

The aldermen could make a few extra bucks to pad their six figure part time salaries so they can afford to take their families to championship games.

They should seek out endorsements from pacifier companies. They would look great doing commercials in their bespoke clothing sucking on binkies.

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