Tribune endorses Gary Johnson: It was a courageous move

Tribune endorses Gary Johnson: It was a courageous move

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, for president.

According to the two establishment parties and their political pundits, voting third party is a wasted vote or  vote for Trump or Clinton, depending on your particular party fandom.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote. People are supposed to vote for the candidate they feel is best, not the one who has the best chance of winning. We are not betting on horses or sports teams.

The Chicago children's news media, Chicagoist and The Reader, poked fun at the endorsement. But, that is what children who do not know any better do.

Put aside your teenage hormonal fandom for Clinton or Trump. What we have with them are two old rich white people with old rich white people problems.


They have fake colored hair, dress badly, are overweight, and well, not very appealing.

They know nothing about the struggle of working families and could care less. They only care about getting a title.

The ultimate title. They will not make America great again. They will not help working families. They will do what their respective parties tell them to do. They will not do what you want them to do.

One is a real estate hustler, television personality, and all around boor. The other is a congenital liar, unethical, and power hungry. Actually they are both one and the same. Boors and unethical congenital liars.

Clinton and Trump make liars look honest and boors look refined.

In essence, the two establishment parties, Democrats and Republicans, gave the people charlatans and frauds to vote for in the presidential election.

I could care less what Gary Johnson knows about Alleppo. I know about Aleppo. Aleppo pines produce pine nuts, one of God's great culinary pleasures.

I could care less if Johnson knows one foreign leader he respects. Hell, I cannot think of one I respect. No foreign countries have the freedoms we do. Not one. Why would anyone respect foreign leaders that repress the same freedoms we have?

The two political parties, Republicans and Democrats have made a mess of the greatest country in the history of mankind. Why would any sane, intelligent person vote for one of their candidates?

There is not one person in America who is qualified to be president. Ask any former president. They will tell you they found the first year in office the most difficult challenge of their lives. None came into the office prepared or quaified for the challenges, obstacles, and road blocks they faced.

This is not the most important election in our lives. That is propaganda. This is not the most important election for the next fifty years. That is more propaganda.

This is the most important election for the next four years. That is reality. Why not try something different? Change may be uncomfortable, but it is not always bad.

America has many problems and issues to face. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has a handle on those. Both candidates are mere legends in their own minds. Neither of their minds is grounded in reality.

It is time for change. Real change. Change we can see and believe in. It is time to show the two establishment parties they are irrelevant. They are two wings of the same bird, the vulture.

America needs a new kind of leadership. Leadership based on common sense, principled stewardship, and a steady hand.

Clinton and Trump are not those leaders. They are part of the problem not the solution.

Maybe the time has finally come to destroy and eliminate the two party system. A system that has elected officials pledge allegiance to their parties instead of the people they represent.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are proven leaders. They are not fire breathers, beholden to special interests, or the beltway news media. They have shown how to work with, instead of against, the opposition. This is the type of leadership that gets things done.

Washington is full of career politicians who do nothing except cause grid lock and get wealthy while doing so.

Washington is full of news media people whose livelihoods depend on those do nothing politicians. They are trying to convince you to keep the do nothing status quo in place. They are, and rely on, experts with no expertise.

There are no wasted votes. There are no silly endorsements. Heck, reading some newspapers, like Gannet's USA, TODAY, they would endorse Kim Kardashian for president. They cover her 24/7/365.

Presidents are not supposed to be teen idols. They are not supposed to be loved, hated, revered, or disrespected. They are supposed to work for the benefit of us all.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will not work for our benefit. They are in it for themselves. This campaign between Clinton and Trump is a test of egos, not competence, quality, or stewardship.

Do not criticize the Chicago Tribune for making a tough choice. Look deep within yourself.

Do you really want one of two charlatans and frauds as President of the United States?

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