Shaun King does not live in Chicago we do

Shaun King does not live in Chicago we do
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Shaun King is the social justice writer for the New York Daily News. He posted the above on his Facebook page. It garnered nearly 4000 Likes.

Why would anyone ask Shaun King about violence in Chicago? Why would anyone pay attention to what Shaun King writes about Chicago?

Shaun King does not live in Chicago. We do.

Shaun King knows nothing about Chicago. He knows nothing about Black people of Chicago. Why would any intelligent person ask him about Black people in Chicago?

How can he love a city he knows nothing about?

I live in Chicago. I am not a bigot. I have close friends across the racial, ethnic, political, and religious spectrum.

I did more in any one day of my life to directly make things better for people than Shaun King did in his lifetime.

Marching is not going to solve the violence problem in Chicago. Mourning will not. Playing on social media will not.

What powerful organizations and coalitions to stop violence and the systemic issues that cause it are being built? Where is the empirical evidence that they are working? The evidence, like their existence, is non-existent.

If the people of Chicago cared "DEEPLY" about the violence, it would have abated long ago instead of getting worse.

Shaun King loves to call people bigots and racists. It is his stock in trade. Everything is racist, bigoted, biased, and prejudiced. Everyone is ignorant except him.

He uses disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda to push an agenda and narrative. When confronted by cold hard facts, he plays the race card. Gullible people, including those who hired him at the New York Daily News, believe him.

It appears no one at the NYDN fact checks his pieces. He emails them. They are published. Shaun King is another expert with no expertise.

Here is the real unvarnished truth. Black politicians, who represent the areas in Chicago where violence is worst, do not care about it or the systemic issues which cause violence.

If politicians cared, the violence would be decreasing instead of increasing exponentially.

It is not just Black politicians who do not care. White politicians like United States Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, Illinois House Speaker, Mike Madigan and his coterie of Democrats, black and white in Springfield.

The United States congressmen who represent those areas don not care. President Obama, who hails from Chicago, does not care.

None of their predecessors, from both parties, cared.

Chicago aldermen who represent the violence prone areas do not care.

Chicago's escalating violence is the end result of over fifty years of failed public and social policies. Failed policies that are insanely repeated over and over again.

Poverty is the root cause of crime and a host of social ills. Crime breeds violence.

The violence we are witnessing is the final result of politicians, Black and white, keeping people in crushing poverty for decades. The social fabric is torn.

People, young and old, without hope become desperate.

Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson said it best:

"Impoverished neighborhoods, people without hope do these kinds of things," he said. "You show me a man that doesn't have hope, I'll show you one that's willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it.

"Those are the issues that's driving this violence. CPD is doing its job." (Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Tribune columnist, Dahleen Glanton chimed in:

"It should be clear by now that no one is coming to our rescue. African-Americans have demanded that our police keep us safe. They can't. We have begged our elected officials to invest in our neighborhoods with jobs. They won't. We have lain down in the streets in protest, pleading for our men to stop killing each other. But they don't.

No one is saying that African-Americans should solely bear the responsibility for the violence. The senseless killing of residents in any part of the city impacts all of us in the long run. Chicago can only be its best when each part operates at its full potential. Police, the mayor and aldermen in the most violent wards should be held accountable, but African-Americans have the most at stake."

If you live in Chicago, you know Superintendent Johnson and Ms. Glanton are absolutely right. They are not bigots. They are doing things to make things better. Johnson, an African American, leads the police force. Glanton, an African American, reports on social issues.

If you live in Chicago, you know Shaun King is absolutely wrong.

If the politicians did their jobs and brought economic development funds, grants, and helped create economic enterprise zones to the poverty stricken areas they represent, poverty would go down, crime would go down, violence would go down.

They do none of that. Some have been in elected office for decades. They did nothing to mitigate the poverty in areas they are supposed to represent. For some inexplicable reason, they are considered champions of the poor and under served.

Shaun King used his febrile imagination to make up a cute Facebook post garnering almost 4000 Likes. That is all he cares about or knows. Getting noticed on social media strokes his ego.

We live in Chicago. Shaun King does not.

Shaun King never walked or lived in the most impoverished and violence plagued areas of Chicago. Shaun King does "NOTHING to make the problem better".

Shaun King is a charlatan and fraud perpetuating myths to garner fame and fortune.

No one in Chicago should care what Shaun King thinks. He does not think.

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