Law and order: Where is the plan

Law and order: Where is the plan

Donald Trump claims to be the, "Law and Order" candidate. Long on rhetoric. Short on a plan.

So, what is Trump's plan to make Chicago, or any other community safer through law and order?

What is Hillary Clinton's plan?

What are they going to do for Chicago? Forget about the rest of the country. We live in Chicago. They should tell Chicago how their administration will help mitigate the violent crime waves plaguing our city.

They will not. They do not have a plan. They do not have a clue.

The White House has no plan.

The candidates running for president have no plan.

The House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have no plan.

The two political parties have no plan in their platforms.

Illinois state legislators have no plan.

Chicago Aldermen have no plan.

Cook County Commissioners have no plan.

Chicago is experiencing its most violent year in two decades. August was the most violent month in two decades. Violent crimes are the norm instead of the exception.

Where is the plan?

Who has a plan?

In August over 400 people were shot and 90 killed. August and 2016 are the bloodiest and deadliest month and year in over two decades.

If over 400 people were injured and 90 killed due to fires fires in one month you better believe there would be plans.

If over 400 people became ill from a virus and 90 died in a month, there would be a plan.

If over 400 people overdosed in one month and 90 died from bad dope in one month, there would be a plan.

If 400 people had to be rescued and 90 people drowned at the beaches in one month, there would be a plan.

If 400 people were injured and 90 people killed in one month due to drunk drivers, there would be a plan.

Over 400 people were shot and 90 people murdered in one month. There were 472 homicides this year so far.

There is no plan to mitigate the violence. Zip, nada, nil, nothing.

Law and order is a hot button issue. The phrase itself is deemed racist by many. Police scrutiny, due to several unrelated incidents nationwide, caused a breakdown in police community relations. Activists get all the publicity for the protests and riots they cause.

Murder victims are treated like statistics.

People touting law and order are voices crying out in the wilderness.

It appears there is no political leadership. There is no political will.

Chicago is failing because the people we elect to office, from the White House to City Hall, refuse to do anything. They failed us.

Bodies are piling up. The streets are awash with blood. Innocent people are being slaughtered.

Politicians are doing nothing.

Law and order is a real issue. It is time for us to demand answers from the people we elect on the local level. The city, county, and state.

The aldermen in the wards affected by murder and mayhem are invisible. The state and federal legislators who supposedly represent those areas are invisible. So are the county board members and candidates for State's Attorney. When it comes to law and order, murder and mayhem, the people elected and running for office become invisible. Their silence is deadly.

Law and order is not on their radar.

What does it take to hold these people accountable?

Communities in distress need voices and leadership. They need people working for them and with them. They need their elected officials to step up to the plate, decry enough is enough, and come up with feasible plans to combat the violence, crime, and disorder.

They need plans to bring real economic development to mitigate poverty, the root cause of crime and social dysfunction.

Law and order and economic development go hand in hand.

No rhetoric, no racial politics, no activist jargon, or political pablum. Plans implemented and executed are what is needed. Now, not in the future.

After Labor Day, the politicians will be out in full force. The election cycle will be up and running. All of us, citizens and journalists, need to be in their faces, on their social media accounts, flooding their email boxes.

If it takes humiliating them in public, so be it.

Demands must be made to bring law and order and to improve the lives of people in distressed areas of Chicago through economic development. Hard questions must be asked. Answers vetted to detect the lies.

#EnoughIsEnough, #DoSomething, and #Bye(Insert your elected offical here) must be the new viral trends.

It is finally time for all of us to be mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore. It is time to hold the politicians at all levels accountable for their fecklessness and apathy.

It is time to force them to come up with workable plans to bring law and order and economic development to distressed areas of Chicago.

The dead are not statistics. They are children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The pain their families feel is deep.

Chicago cannot wait any longer. The politians owe us and it is time for them to pay up.

Actions speak louder than words. It is time for them to act or leave office.

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