Who cares about political conventions

Who cares about political conventions

The GOP is meeting in Cleveland this week. Their televised convention theme, "Entertainment Tonight," resembles the shambolic life of the Bundy Family in, "Married With Children".

Republican voters nominated an old rich white guy with old rich white guy problems. A blustering, bumbling, babbling real estate hustler and reality show star to make America great again. His wife, was a former pin-up model turned master plagiarist.

Next week, it will be the Democrats turn. Their convention theme is "That's Entertainment".  A member of America's second royal family, after the Kennedy's, is the Democratic candidate. An old rich white lady with old rich white lady problems. She has a following rivaling the Kardasians. A woman who has honesty and trust issues. Her husband looks like a walking dead zombie.

The Democratic variety show promises to be a cross between the Grammy awards and the Emmy's. Long on boredom with a few highlights.

Watching the conventions is a total waste of time, unless you like bad stand up comedy or maudlin tear jerker drama.

All politics is local. You should be worrying about the candidates running for senator, congressman, the state legislature, and county offices. The people who supposedly represent you in government.

The televised conventions are very well oiled machines designed to take your eyes off the ball and root for the next star of White House Abbey.

The only thing that matters is you. What will a president do for you? From experience living in Chicago, not much.

Looking back, recent presidents did little or nothing for Chicago. President Obama did little during his two terms for our city. Bush Light did nothing during his two terms for Chicago. Good ole Billy Boy did little for our city. The broccoli hating Bush Sr. did nothing. "Maximus" Reagan, not much. Jimmy "Peanuts" Carter, forget about it.

Why waste time and emotional investment watching the nomination of two old rich white people with old rich white people problems, in addition to their weight, hair, skin care, clothing, and spouse issues?

You should be keeping your eye on on the people who allegedly claim they are working for you. Your needs, wants, desires, and aspirations. The ones who are supposed to bring in federal or state dollars or pass meaningul laws that have a direct impact on your life

In Chicago some of the same people are being recycled through the political system like garbage. Career politicians, some who for decades, held various seats in government, doing nothing except collecting a paycheck.

Instead of worrying about immigration, who can marry who, who can use what bathroom, the war on whom ever you think there is a war on, race, ethnicity, terrorism, religion, or whose name goes on the three dollar bill, worry about where you live.

If you are poor, you should be asking why Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, or Robin Kelly should be reelected. What have they done to bring economic development funds to create businesses that provide jobs to lift you out of poverty?

If your are middle class, what have your elected officials done to help you maintain or climb higher up the economic ladder? My Congressman is running unopposed. He is virtually invisible, unless he is throwing a drinking and fund raising bash.

What have Durbin and Kirk done for you? Nothing I can think of. Durbin pretends to be an erudite Vaudevillian. Kirk is the dummy sitting on Durbin's lap.

There are the state legislators. Those part time workers making high salaries with Rolls Royce perks. Led by the Wraith, Mike Madigan, and his able bodied zombie assistant, John Cullerton. There is no list of things they did for you, except blame the governor for not worshiping them, like past governors did.

All will get reelected to do nothing for you, the only person who matters.

So, go ahead, watch the Greatest Shows on Earth, the two political conventions. Sit your brain cavity on the easy chair, munch your cheap carry out garbage, drink your cheap beer, ooh and ahh over all the stars.

Get all fired up over their spouses and heirs with spares. Watch the politicians and celebrities flap their soup coolers saying nothing that is going to make your life better.

Get a tingle up your leg when the nominees enter the stage to speak. Speak directly to you. Sitting there stuffing your maw. Watch with rapt attention the worst con games ever perpetrated on the American people.

Then, tell all your friends, family, co-workers, and the whole world on social media, that you are a true believer, a fan, an apostle of the one and only Savior.

One of those old rich white people with old rich white people problems is going to work for you, make America great again, protect you from your biased fears, phobias, micro-aggressions and prejudice. Build walls or safe spaces. Let you marry your cat. Allow dogs use litter boxes. Stop Muslims from entering 'Merica. Give non-citizens the right to vote. Keep you on unemployment until you are eligible for Social Security.

One of those two old rich white people might promise you dessert to go with the grease and suds you shoveled down your gullet.

A nice big slab of pie in the sky with melted cheese and ice cream on top.

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