When it comes to Black Lives Matter do not make the babies cry

When it comes to Black Lives Matter do not make the babies cry

It appears Black Lives Matter does not like criticism and will not tolerate it. If criticized, they charge racism. Many in the news media pick up on it and the narrative is formed, critics are racist.

Black Lives Matter does not like, want, or allow negative media coverage of their protests. If a report is made on their people, especially well known activists, acting in a hostile manner, refusing to obey lawful orders of the police, or conducting themselves in a other than peacefully, they charge racism. They accuse the news media of working for the police.

Black Lives Matter has a narrative they are pushing. Anything the news media reports that goes against the narrative will not be tolerated. They have very subjective friends in the news media, especially on national cable channels, who assist them in getting their narrative out.

Black Lives Matters also has powerful friends in politics. Their leaders are somebodies somebody sent. When arrested and charged with a felony, the charges are later dropped. No explanations are given. In Chicago, that means phone calls were made. That is the Chicago Way.

Ja' mal Green (in sunglasses) before his arrest on five felony counts for attacking police officers. Chicago Tribune photo.

This week, Black Lives Matter activist, Ja' mal Green, was charged with five felony counts for his actions during a protest at Taste of Chicago. It will be interesting to see if Green goes to trial, or the charges are quietly dropped. It will be more interesting to see if Green continues to protest while out on bail. He is on home monitoring. Maybe he can do whatever he wants.

There is good reason for their power and immunity from prosecution or responsibiity. Black Lives Matter helped politicians get elected, especially Kim Foxx as Cook County State's Attorney. Like major Chicago Street gangs, Black Lives Matter has clout. They are untouchable.

Black Lives Matter activists met with the president on Wednesday. You cannot get more clout than the White House. Their narrative will be the national narrative. A strong message has been sent to the public, news media and law enforcement. Hands off, do not criticize, do not arrest, no matter how false their narrative or how hostile and violent the protests.

Do not, under any circumstances, make the babies cry.

When it comes to Black Lives Matter, do not make the babies cry is the position of politicians and far too many in the news media. Reportage is what Black Lives Matter and their political allies want it to be. It does not matter if the narrative is false or they incite hostility or violence, just do not make the babies cry.

We are living in a time where others are being allowed to tell us what to think and express. It is not freedom. It is controlled bullying and shaming. You will agree and express the narrative or suffer brutal attacks from the narrators, their media allies, and politicians. You are no longer allowed to express an opinion. It must be the narrative.

Image of Peter Nikeas being shared on Facebook.

Image of Peter Nikeas being shared on Facebook.

Black Lives Matters and their cohorts are now attacking the Chicago Tribune, especially reporter Peter Nikeas and some Tribune photographers.

The babies are crying on social media over tweets Nikeas made during protests and photographs which were taken from what they charge is a biased angle, that aids in the "criminalization" of Black youth.

They charge the Tribune is using the “hyper-aggressive” stereotype of Black people for clicks.

What is a biased angle? What is an unbiased angle? Is reporting what is going on in real time via Twitter biased? If Black Lives Matters says it, it must be true.

Do not make the babies cry.

They are putting Mr. Nikeas and a photographer's pictures on the internet so they can be identified and possibly isolated from doing their jobs. It is an old tactic of protesters. They will surround news media people keeping them from doing their jobs. They even create hostile situations to get the police to remove people they do not like or want. It is dangerous and irresponsible.

Most likely their goal is to stop the Tribune from sending Peter Nikeas and certain Tribune photographers to the protests. Maybe they will demand to choose which Tribune reporters and photographers are allowed to cover their protests. They prefer subjective, unethical, friendly allies versus objective ethical journalists.

Being Black Lives Matter means never having to be responsible. They do and say what they want with no questions or consequences. They can incite violence, put people's lives in jeopardy, and create hostile situations, calling them peaceful protests. No one is allowed to refute them. Everyone must suck it up or suffer the consequences. Even the news media.

Don't make the babies cry. No matter whose reputation gets sullied. No matter how false the narrative is. Whatever you do, give up, give in, give them what they want.

Do not make the babies cry.

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