Is it time to start Tentbnb in Chicago

Is it time to start Tentbnb in Chicago

From the realm of you just cannot make this stuff up.

So, there I was, walking to the coffee shop for my morning cup-a-Joe. I was suffering from a mild case of winus headus. As I walked through the alley, I could not believe what I saw.

A tent.

A tent under the L tracks directly behind my home. Except for the L tracks and garbage cans, it looks like an idyllic setting.

Maybe the tent belongs to Cereal refugees from Kelloggistan.

Maybe the tent belongs to Cereal refugees from Kelloggistan.

At first, I thought it was a homeless person. Then, the coffee and delusions from winus headus kicked in.

Maybe it is an urban camper. How about a homeless tourist from Florida or Arizona, here to beat the heat?

Maybe it is a Lollapalooza attendee, who found an idyllic urban setting near public transportation to get to and from the festival.

It might be one or two gutter punks, camped out close to the L so they can beg downtown.

There is a possibility it is a Bernie Sanders supporter claiming free housing.

Maybe it is a family of Cereal refugees from Kelloggistan, fleeing the inhumane tyranny of General Mills.

Then the light bulb went off in my dim head. I could use that space to set up a Tentbnb. An Airbnb for urban campers. It is steps from the train station, so they can easily get downtown to see the attractions.

I figured I could put four or five tents back there, one or two porta-poddies, and one of those camp showers operated with a hose.

I could install a fire pit so the campers can cook or sit around at night roasting marshmallows or S'mores while strumming guitars, singing all those old folk songs.

I could make arrangements with the coffee shop to deliver morning coffee service with pastry. Maybe I could make extra money cooking dinner for the campers or preparing lunches to go.

I think I will contact my alderman to see if a nice fat contribution to his campaign fund will get me a permit. That is the Chicago way.

Tentbnb is an idea whose time has finally come. Urban camping is the future in Chicago. Just think of all those urban camp grounds near L stations. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, who rent space to camp out and enjoy all the urban outdoor amenities Chicago has to offer.


Tentbnb is an idea whose time has come.

It would help all the small neighborhood businesses near the campgrounds. More businesses could be created catering to the needs of urban campers. This would produce jobs and tax revenue.

It would give a shot in the arm to some neighborhoods where businesses are suffering due to the horrendous parking meter fees and blanket ticketing by unscrupulous revenue personnel.

Tentbnb would put Chicago on the map as a major tourist destination for people who love sleeping in the great outdoors. European trekkers would flock to the city in droves, knowing they could camp out. Outdoor types from around the nation would come. A whole new outdoor industry could be formed.

Maybe some sites on the river or lakefront could be reserved for fishermen or birdwatchers.

Hey, there is that parking lot next to Soldier Field where the Lucas Museum was supposed to go. It would make a great Tentbnb location.

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