Generation Whiner rules public transportation

Generation Whiner rules public transportation

Riding public transportation is a treat. You are constantly entertained and annoyed by your fellow riders, especially the oblivious, insensitive, self absorbed, witless, insufferable, and ignorant Millennials, Generation Whiner (Generation W).

Generation Whiner rules public transportation in Chicago. The only rule of Generation W is, there are no rules.

Friday was a perfect example.

I got on the Red Line at Fullerton heading downtown. The trains are usually packed early in the morning. This one millennial mamaluke was standing in the door like a boulder in a stream.

People had trouble getting on the train because he was self absorbed watching videos on his phone. I get stuck right behind him with no room to move in any direction. The doors would not close because I could not move far enough into the car. "Excuse me," did not move him. A hard shove to his backpack did. It also got me a dirty glare.

Every time the train moved, stopped, or jostled I slammed into his backpack. He kept turning around giving me dirty looks. He was too stupid or obstinate to move in a few steps where there was plenty of room. He was rapt and agog over pet and other animal videos on his phone.

As the train pulled into my stop, I tapped him on the shoulder and said in a loud voice, "You really should not watch child porn on the L". His head spun so fast I thought it would snap off. The looks on other riders faces were priceless.


Cyclist on the subway taking up three seats.

There are the multiple bag people. They have a backpack, gym bag, and one or two other large bags. They look like they are going on a multi-week tour of some foreign country instead of work.

Worse are the multiple bag people who put their stuff on seats, taking up two or three spaces. They do not care the fare is for one seat. It is all about them.

How about bicyclists, who take up multiple seats with their two wheeled weapons of pedestrian destruction. People have to stand to accommodate their bikes.

Eating, drinking, and smoking on public transportation are illegal. People eat and drink on buses and trains all the time. They try to eat or drink with one hand while texting or browsing with the other, oblivious they may spill something on other passengers. If a person lit a smoke on the train, it would trigger counter terrorist teams with snipers.


Pets are not allowed on public transportation unless they are in a carrier. Yet, the photo to the left is proof the law does not apply to millennials. That little pooch is not a service dog. It is a pet.

Dennis Nicholl is my idol. He is a true public transit hero. Nicholl, a C.P.A. was disturbed by all the yammering yakkers on the trains. He bought a jamming device. The device kills cell phone signals. He employed it to enjoy peace and quiet on his commutes.

What did the city do to this man? Instead of giving him a medal, an honorary Dennis Nicholl Day, or an honorary street named after him, the city arrested him, charging him with a felony.

The loud yakkers, in violation of C.T.A. rules, get to talk about their sex lives, lousy clients, and other inconsequential things, annoying the rest of us.

If you verbally confront these over indulged self entitled people, even politely, the whole train looks at you like you are the problem. Confrontation is micro-aggression, whatever that is. The whiners cannot get to a safe space on the train. They collectively get scared or angry. Their over tender sensitivities will be offended. You, the victim, may be removed from the train to restore peace and a sense of safety for the whiners.

Where did this entitlement mentality come from? Are laws and regulations only for little people? Why can't the C.T.A. enforce its own rules and ordinances?

Another oblivious member of Generation W.

Another oblivious member of Generation W.

Generation W does not believe in obeying rules or laws. It is all about them.

Generation Whiner were over indulged by their parents and are self entitled spoiled brats. They do what they want, where they want.

If by slim chance there is enforcement, they get on social media and it goes nuclear. The offender becomes the hero of the republic. C.T.A. probably is in fear of being on the end of a viral social media blitz so they ignore the violators.

Common courtesy or etiquette? Forget about it. It is Generation Whiner's culture. The rest of us are expected to live in it. Being rude, inconsiderate, or in violation of laws and regulations is the new normal. Complaining or standing up t.o them is criminal.

There is one bright side, if you can call it that. Generation Whiner does not drive. If these Millennials were set loose in cars during rush hours, a twice daily demolition derby would plague the city of Chicago.

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