'A sinkhole of leeches'

'A sinkhole of leeches'
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“Like most of my colleagues, I promise my constituents a lot of stuff I can never deliver,” he admits. “But what the hell? It makes them happy hearing it . . . My main job is to keep my job...

...“I contradict myself all the time, but few people notice,” X says. “One minute I rail against excessive spending and ballooning debt. The next minute I’m demanding more spending on education, health care, unemployment benefits, conservation projects, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Voters are described as gullible, know-nothing jerks, while the only people who count are the big donors who pour billions of dollars into lobbying.

“Voters are incredibly ignorant. It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification . . .” vents Congressman X. (The confessions of Congressman X/New York Post)

Congressman X describes the House and Senate as a, "sinkhole of leeches." Who ever he is, he could be talking about Chicago aldermen, Cook County commissioners, and the state and federal legislators who represent districts in Chicago.

In the run up to the November elections, focus is on the presidency. Lost in the fog of war for the White House are the legislators running for office, especially reelection. The people who allegedly represent you, the citizens.

Look around. Ask yourself, "What have these elected officials done for me?" It is you who matter. Not society at large. Not the children. Not immigrants or refugees. Not any of the other groups of people you are told to care so much about.

What about you?

Do you feel secure in your job or career? Is there an economic future for you? Can your children get a decent education. Will they have opportunities? How much are you really paying in taxes? All the various taxes on goods and services, everything except the air you breathe. Where does all that money go?

How can Illinois local and state governments be broke when they are shoveling in tax money by the boat load?

If you live in a distressed or impoverished area, where is the opportunity the politicians promised? Some held various offices for decades. What have they delivered in all that time? Why is your neighborhood crumbled, crushed, and violent as a war torn third world country?

Exactly what do these politicians do to make your life better? That is what they promise. "Working for you." "Make America Great." They are for working families, will create jobs, love the middle class, embrace the poor, and on and on and on.

What does it all mean?

It means nothing. Illinois and Chicago politics on every level is "a sinkhole of leeches". Blood sucking leeches. Vile disgusting creatures.

If you believe what incumbents, especially the career incumbents say or promise, you are "the incredibly ignorant... naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification," Congressman X was talking about.

The career politicians did nothing their whole careers for you. Whatever they did, it was for themselves. Yet, they are lauded for their service. Service means sacrifice. What have they sacrificed? What did they give up? What did they risk? What did they deprive themselves of?

Maybe, just once, you should be smart. Do not vote for an incumbent. Throw the bums out. That would send a strong message to the two corrupt political parties in Illinois. In reality, there is only one political party in Illinois, the Combine.

Forget partisan party nonsense. There are no Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, or liberals. There is no right or left wing. The wings are part and parcel of the same bird, the vulture. Or, as Tribune columnist, John Kass puts it, two horns on the same goat.

The goat is the pet of Satan. Think about that if you claim party affiliation.

All politicians care about one thing, keeping their jobs. After them, everyone else comes first. Staying in office is job one. It is a shovel ready job. They will shovel anything to keep it.

Most, if not all, politicians cannot do anything else. They have no career or even menial job skills. It is the only reason they entered politics. Where else can a ne'er do well get wealthy on a median salary?

Illinois and Chicago are paying dearly for the sins of these career opportunists. They tax us to death. They do nothing to bring jobs and economic growth. They bash the rich, gays, women's healthcare, guns, bathroom use, races, climate change and deniers, ethnic groups, religions, bankers, immigrants, and a host of other issues that do not affect your day to day life.

Not one of those issues will pay your rent, put food on your table, educate your children, or pay for your retirement. They count on that. Their goal is to make you mad enough over singular issues to vote for them. It is the best con game in the world.

Think about this. All week long the big political discussion was who can use what bathroom. How does that affect your life, opportunities, future, your children, or any of the bread and butter issues facing you? It is time for a real bathroom discussion. Flushing incumbents down the drain.

Incumbent politicians are charlatans and frauds. People should be spending their time exposing them for what they are. They are worse than Bernie Madoff, if that is possible.

Politicians have no principles, ethics, or morals. They do not believe the things they say or the platforms of their parties they pledge allegiance to. They only care about getting the job and keeping it. They will say anything to do those.

Actions speak louder than words. They say everything and do nothing.

This election cycle,forget about all the supposed issues. Ask yourself one question? "What about me?" If they are doing nothing for you, your neighborhood, or your political district, vote for the other guy. That sends a strong message. One thing politicians and political parties hate more than anything else is losing voters to the other side.

Forget the "Mighty Wurlitzer" of propaganda swirling around. It is meant to make you forget about the most important person in the world. You.

After you, everyone else comes first.

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